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New Monitor Suggestions

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So my birthday is coming up and the big thing I’ll ask for is help with buying a new monitor, and money is not the hardship since I can pitch in a ton of my own money. Anyways, I just need suggestions for a good monitor for PC gaming. My requirements are...



Very Durable/Good Endurance, Worth The Money, 60-75+HZ, Made For Gaming, Good Rating

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what are your pc specs?


This, and what is your actual budget, because I could recommend the hands down best in every category, but they would also be $500+.


Also if your looking for a Gaming monitor you need to up your hertz. A big part of pc gaming.

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Not super knowledgable on monitors n all that but @eXtr3m3 originally recommended me this one in 2017 when I got a PC and it's been amazing the entire 2 and a half years I've had it.


After his reccommendation I also bought it to replace my primary monitor and it does wonder. Got it refurbished, lowering the price by nearly $100. Of course it isn't the best out there, but quality/price wise, certainly one of your best options.

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