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7 Days of Quarantine!

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Shoutout @BoM for the sweet banner!

Hello everyone. As a joint effort between the Events Team and Marketing Team, we've taken it upon ourselves to help cheer you guys up during these trying times. We will be running several mini events including a movie night throughout the week. A thread for the event of the day will be posted accordingly. Participants will have a chance to win some really awesome prizes in the raffle. We will be giving away 3 games at first and once we reach the donation goal, we'll be giving away more games. Hopefully, we can all get together as one and have some fun while everyone else is going crazy. Some of the events have limited slots so make sure you get there before it fills up!



3/30 -

Grand Theft Auto V Sumo!

3/31 - Minecraft Bedwars!

4/01 - MiniGames Regulars vs. Admins & Fun Rounds!

4/02 - The Hidden Source!

4/03 - SurfDM Climb To the Top!

4/04 - Garry's Mod Melonbomber!

4/05 - Movie Night!



We are going to be raffling away some awesome prizes. In order to win these prizes all you have to do is participate in the events and submit screenshot proof in the thread of the event. You will NOT be entered into the raffle if you don't submit a screenshot. For every screenshot, you will receive 1 raffle ticket. For example, if you only submit screenshots of Bedwars and Sumo, you will only receive 2 raffle tickets. The most amount of raffle tickets one could receive is 7, unless we reach the donation goals. We'll be giving away even more games once we reach a certain donation goal. We are going to start off with these three titles and once we reach the donation goal of $100, we'll move onto the next tier. For every tier we reach, everybody participating will receive +2 raffle points. All of the money donated during the week goes towards unlocking more games!




H0OJ1FN.png kGUeHoF.png



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