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Holy Smokes, SG! It's a Promotion!

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Hello everyone,


We've got a super big promotion to announce and it's the best one yet! This man has been a part of SteamGamers for a decade now... let me say it again, a whole 10 years. He's been a higher-up twice during his time here. Previously was a former AO who ran our Jailbreak server in the past and now he currently manages our Internal Affairs team and our Marketing Team. Since his return, he's done an absolute stellar job at every rank he's obtained. He kicks ass as an IAO manager and has helped pushed for the growth and development for our community along with his team from all aspects of marketing. Our next promotion is no other than BoM! He will be promoted to Secretary to the Board of Directors!  


His new responsibility include:


  • Support/build/fix servers
  • Approve admin applications
  • Set up new Admin and Subscriber access
  • Issue admin warnings/punishments
  • Keep the community updated of any changes
  • Final say in all admin disputes
  • Plan for growth (website/servers)
  • Support forum/plugins/logos
  • Review and implement community suggestions
  • Promote/demote server admins
  • Handle admin complaints
  • Handle disputes among fellow admins
  • Be a role model to all admins/setting by example
  • Collect donations, manage subscriptions, and pay the bills
  • Manage the website, forums, and bansite
  • Manage AT staffing and responsibilities
  • ... anything else that needs to be done



Please join me in welcoming this man to our Directors team! Congrats :)



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