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SG Store Item - Sounds

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So my suggestion is to add a store item that can replace the sound file that gets played to the server for a specific action.

For TTT and JB this could be the Jihad sounds, for example:

For things like Surf, Bhop, and MG(?) it could be the world record sound but I don't have any good examples for that.

Anyways that's pretty much my whole idea. Think it could add a small amount of spice and something else to work towards with your credits.

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I also agree, please add them, they would be hilarious (though i would like for there to be an option to turn off custom sounds because people with a Soundboard and Sweats in the servers exist :P)


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I really like this idea. However, there would have to be a on/off button to custom sounds due to the fact that people will get confused if its a soundboard or not. For example, on JB some players still don't know the Jihad noise so having a song/video or a different noise wouldn't help them indicate if they're about to die or not.

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Sounds like a pretty neat idea that if implemented properly; could be a cool new credit purchase. 


Only thing I’d like to add is that it might be smart to consider adding this as a Supporter perk. Kinda ironic that I’m the one saying this, but it might be something to consider. A flamboyant fun command that, as long as it doesn’t detriment gameplay, would be super cool to flaunt your Supporter rank on the servers. Another fun, server-side incentive to purchase a Supporter rank probably wouldn’t hurt, as long as it’s properly implemented. Not saying that’s how it should be, just, once again, something to consider.   

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