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Resetting Gangs and Removing T-Ranks!

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Gangs Re-Released!


The topic of discussion for many months has been to remove T-Points/Rankings and re-release our Gangs plugin to replace them. The idea behind this was that Gangs can bring more competitiveness, team cooperation, and excitement back to the T side without changing the gameplay. I'm happy to finally announce we have done just that! T-Points(!top !rank) have been removed and we reset the Gangs with a max player limit of five, instead of ten. We have more exciting news to share about Gangs soon, but before we do that we're leaving the next two weeks as a testing phase to make sure all of those aforementioned bugs are actually gone. If it's not clear, after the second week we plan on resetting the gangs again for an even playing field for the surprise to come. So, during these two weeks if you experience ANY bugs with the Gangs plugin at all please report them with as much detail and evidence in the Jailbreak Crash, Bug, & Error Reports thread. 


For anyone unaware, here are some of the Gang plugin commands: 

!gang - Creates a gang
!gleave - Leave your current gang
!gdisband - Disbands your current gang
!ginvite - Invites a player to your gang.
!gkick - Kicks a player from the gang if you are a higher rank than them.
!gpromote - Promotes player in the gang.
!gdemote - Demotes player in the gang.
!topgangs - Displays a scoreboard of the current top gangs. If you press on a gang, it will display the members of the gang and the date the gang was created.


Happy rebelling everyone!



Something spooky is coming to a Jailbreak server near you...



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WOW BUD , I HAD THE FIRST GANG IN JB do I LOSE IT????? I AM AN EX top 1 JB gang leader @TheZZL Bullshitttttttttt :D happy grinding                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          P.M @frankie, @Log I need your help for top gang 


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