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  1. Byte

    Jump Step outs

    I heard someone say before that one step out is knifing distance from the cell, so if this isn't already a thing it could work as a definition for it. I don't think a lot of orders should have to be clarified in rules but this issue is pretty common so I think it could help.
  2. Byte

    P90 Warning shots

    For me, the key point of Jailbreak is the break part, it isn't just jail. Just stomping the prisoners and shooting them for 99 every round takes the fun out of it. The fun comes from the t's rebelling and the cts fighting to gain control back of the prison. This paired with strict orders and enforcement can cause a lot of ts to die for very small mistakes they may unknowingly make. Like ZZL said, as much as I hate the high damage warning shots, I don't think a rule should be made against it. It ultimately falls on the cts whether or not to use this tactic. We should all be a little more wary of this kind of thing, as it can make people leave very quickly if its just the same get hit for 97, then get warning shot again or fall and die every round, because thats no fun and defeats the purpose of Jailbreak in a way.
  3. I don't think the issues with skins is terrible, they all do a pretty ok job at lining up with where the person's head is. This has been a thing for a while with the Minecraft head, but it doesn't really make too much of a difference for me. The hitbox is still there and working it just doesn't line up the same way as the real models since its obviously not the same shape and such. Also I'm no mapper or Modder or whatever, but I wouldn't think that player hitboxes could even be changed in the first place but I could be wrong.
  4. Byte

    [MG] Prop Hunt!

    This looks fun might have to pull up
  5. what is this abomination of an emoji
  6. So ZZL recently said that cts can gunplant T's for lrs, which makes new possibilities for lrs, like noscope battles with awps or shot for shots with aks. Although these can be fun, I think they make things too confusing to be viable. Most times if a ct sees a t with a primary (unless its a noscope battle, which is a common lr) they will just kill them. The ct probably didnt even know about it since they put the rules in chat, and they just killed them for having a primary. This just causes unnecessary confusion in my opinion.
  7. I feel that a reward for reporting mass freekillers isn't the right way to go about things, because then people could just get friends to come on and mass freekill and record it to get the reward for doing so. This could make the issue worse then it is. Like ZZL said theres many ways to find people even if they leave and report them.