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  1. Last one was a great time, definitely going to have to join in and die 87 times.
  2. fellow jailbreak dumbasses rise up
  3. Byte

    CT Healthboost

    I think this will be a good balance, keeping the same concept but not having it be instant is a good way of going about balancing it. It will also be interesting having a use for menu points other than buying the same item every round and nothing else (old healthboost)
  4. Fighting wall of flesh with like 120 hp will be fun since there's only so many life crystals to go around, I will try to make it at some point if I can!
  5. Byte

    CT Healthboost

    I think its fairly difficult to use healthboost during a gunfight anyways, since even if you have the menu bound you still have to reach across your keyboard to get to the second page. I usually only find myself using it when I get a few seconds of safety after a fight / behind a wall or whatever. To me, it is fairly balanced as it is, and I don't think it being used during gunfights is really a big issue.
  6. gonna miss this because i have to work
  7. Scrolls do be mappin doe

  8. I'm warning shotting you with an awp every round
  9. This looks sick, whens Easterpink joining the events team?
  10. Byte


    I know some servers have it so you can vote for the tier of map you want and then choose between maps in that tier. That could fix potential issues with getting stuck with only hard maps to choose from, or the same thing with easy maps too.
  11. bite

    1. Byte



    2. snoopy.


      bite bite byte

  12. Byte

    Introducing KZ!

    I will gladly take them if scrolls doesn't want them
  13. There has only been a handful of times where a T has used the jihad and it failed, and I can accurately tell who it was. I don't think this is an issue, and jihad is only really a threat to cts when there is a lot of server pop or if the cts are group up very close to the ts. It can be completely avoided just by staying far from the ts, which you should probably do anyways. I wouldn't consider the jihad OP, and I think its fairly balanced as it is now.