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Do you speed when you drive? How far over the limit do you go typically?

Just curious. I used to speed around where I live until I got a $200 ticket. I might go 3-4 mph over. If I travel out of state to bigger cities I notice almost everyone speeds, and it can almost be a hazard to drive the speed limit because you cause dozens of people to pass you dangerously, so I try to match the flow of traffic.

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Gotten like 2-3 tickets over the years for speeding / speed related things. Been at least 3-4 years now since I've gotten a ticket. still speed. Driving is boring if you're going under 55-60, so yeah most roads here are 35-45..50 if you're real lucky. I pretty much always go 45-50+ up to maybe 65, tend to try and stay under 20 over so if I do get pulled over its not reckless driving.


Dunno its just a thing I do.


@Johntap in

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I spent the entirety of my teenage years probably because I thought it was fun and got me places faster (it doesn't). Never had a ticket. When I went to a Uni 6 hours away, I would drive home every other weekend to visit my gf and family. I got 3 tickets blowing through bumfuck nowhere's where the road is two lanes with a median, wide open, no traffic and no turn offs. I normally just drive the speed that seems appropriate and comfortable rather than checking my speed and signs every second. I had two at about 70 in a 55 and one for 61 in a 55.


I almost always drive 5-10 over, as most other drivers and cops in my area do. Occasionally, I will go out for snacks at 2-3AM and pull 140 on the empty interstate for fun.

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I usually go 70-75 in a 60. BUT, I make sure I'm in the left lane to some-what justify it. I won't speed in residential areas, but pretty much anywhere else. Just be mindful of what the traffic is like and go accordingly. Keep in mind that the more cars the higher chance one of them is a PO...


Also, gas prices got me fucked up. 

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I go as fast as I want because then I just pull out my government ID and show it to the cop. That or all the cops know me so once they see me we chop up some shit and chat for a bit and then we both head out, I’ve never been warned or whatever. 

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Depends on the road. I only go fast on roads I'm familiar with and I know where it's "okay" to speed. In town I follow the speed limit. Sometimes 5 over. Over here in NJ the speed limit on the highway is 55-60 depending but everyone goes 70-80. I don't really push it that much because I like to save gas and around 76 MPH is where you start to get shit gas mileage. I got pulled over back in January for going 65 in a 25 on my way back from the shooting range. In all honesty I thought the speed limit was 40 because it's an empty backroad that twists and turns. That's the only time I've ever been pulled over. I went on a trip down the shore last summer and I was going around 85 for the entire 3 hour commute with no issues. Ended up getting 37.6mpg average. Was pretty nice. 


My mustang doesn't have a working speedometer so I go based off the tach or whatever feels right. There's a couple roads near me that I like to drive on and get the fun out of me or whatever the saying is. For the last 6 months I usually drive around mindlessly on the weekends for fun. Speeding isn't all that fun to me tbh. I like short bursts of acceleration and that's about it. I like twisty turns. Going 85+ doesn't amuse me. I've gone over 100 maybe two or three times in my car and it didn't do anything for me. Just made me paranoid. But last semester (fall 2021) I would have night classes and I'd get out at around 10 pm on a weekday. Highways would be empty so I would always gun it down the on ramp up until 75 and then I would just chill on my way home. Onramps is where the fun is.

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I'm fine driving 5-10 over on normal roads, and 10-15 on highways and larger roads. Anything faster only if traffic is going faster. It all really depends on traffic, where I'm going, how notorious speeding enforcement in the area is, weather, etc.


Just remember, not worth driving totally out of control, no matter how fun it is.

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I used to speed everywhere but then I got in an accident so usually I keep it to a cool 5-10 over now depending on the area. Highway I'll still cruise around 80.


I didn't go much faster than that before the accident but I'm at least a bit more cautious now. Never gotten a speeding ticket and hope to keep it that way for as long as I can. 

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