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English [SG] 

Miss. Charlie & Mr. Greggy


My reasoning for enjoying red apples.


Red apples are a natural and healthy treat that a lot of people enjoy, and to this point; I enjoyed my red apple that had a very voluptuous and exquisite like feel to them, unmatched to any other food.


Hello, I am lynxie. I was on the Steam-Gamers discord voice channel with a lot of folk’ and on call I ate an apple. See, I really did enjoy this red apple; it was sweet, crunchy, and juicy. Well’ according to Miss. Charlie, she enjoys the tartness of the apple, as do I. Well, I went on CS:GO TTT and ate this apple. I wanted to relay a message to Takuto [SG] from Charlie to say, “hello” but before that, my stomach was rumbling. So I took a bite out of the apple, this ticked off Mr. Greggy and got me in trouble, but to my defense, Oh how delicious that apple was. Anyways, I am very happy as I am equally sad to have been server muted for enjoying a great apple. See, my favourite thing about apples is how reliable they can be. They don’t take up a lot of space, and they help with hydration, hunger, and satisfies your needs. Due to the insatiable urge to take a bite down on an apple; a deliciously sweet apple, I was punished for enjoying something sweet.


To conclude this, I would like to note: apples are not something to be looked down upon, it is not realistic to eat an apple… without crunching down on it like its a tortilla chip with salsa on it. Apples are a beautiful, sweet treat, not an item of mass destruction. Thank you for attending my TedX talk.


@Greggy G @Charliere


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3 hours ago, Gentoo said:

Just close your mouth when you chew, fucking freak


2 hours ago, Phoenix_ said:

Maybe don't talk with food in your mouth?

God two idiots.. not surprising. this whole thing is satire.. but of course y'all would think its real



1 hour ago, Valk said:

Should of left him server muted.

;( I was tired and wanted to talk to Tamer, but i agree man this was ass

Edited by lynxie
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