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  4. Got lazy didn't finish last two chapters papa lampshade told me my story was already too long so I'll just summarize what was gonna happen in the last two chapters (chapter 6 was also a two-parter) Chapter 5 basically end of boot camp arriving at Nam and show how dog with a taco and Keith and dom met all the squad mates Chapter 6 part 1: basically they meet with translator. translator is sketchy as fuck translator leads them to Viet Cong trap translator was a conger Squad rushes out of the jungles to the village to prepare for a full on assault on the village when they make it to the village dom is wounded all the villagers are missing and everyone takes posts as they prepare for the incoming assault. Just before the first shot is fired smiley arrives with the helo and the squad prepares to load up and abandon post Chapter 6 part 2 Rpg out no where hits the heli smiley and heli = RIP and the assault begins a massive firefight goes on as the congers slowly get closer and close to the center of the village and one by one the squad starts to die until its just dog with a taco and Keith after hours and hours of bullets and explosions day finally arrives with the incoming napalm strikes from the US clearing the jungle lines and a rescue heli saving dog with taco. then he applies for admin on SG THE END.
  5. Chapter 3 The boy who cried bullets Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.-John lennon Imagine Half way through training half way to war, a bitter sweet feeling comes with that knowledge of that fact. Alot has changed over the last month. Me Dom Dog With a Taco and Okan were doing the best we could luckily our drill instructor Delirium took a liking to Dog With a Taco as Dog With a Taco was a great shot and very respectful and as he would say a Model marine. However he played a different tune to Okan better known as grim reaper. Okan was a conscript as they called them he didn't enlist and boy did it show. We made friends with him and helped him when we could but we could see he grew more and more distant from us as days and weeks sped behind us, Pretty soon we almost never saw him. Today was rifle Practice we were going to learn to shoot. We marched as we always do on our way to the gun range The gun range was a small open field With chalk outlines and sandbags on where we were suppose lineup across from us were targets in shape of silhouettes of soldiers. Placed on the targets were circular boards like a dart board you would find at a local bar. One by one Our instructor had us line up. He began “Today you will learn how to properly shoot your weapon you will be giving sub standard issued bolt action rifles as you are not yet fit for a modern weapon Do I make myself clear?” Once again in unison “SIR YES SIR”. But from my right I heard but a mumble. The Instructor turned to cadet who chose not give a full answer. The instructor angrily stated “Private Okan, Last time I checked you referred to me a sir Is this correct Private?” He responded with a weak “yes..” The instructors faced turned as red as fire “Did I not make myself clear you utter useless piece of dog shit”. Confused Private okan continued “Uhh SIR YES SIR I mean uh SIR NO SIR” The instructor quickly barked out “Get on the ground Keep doing push ups until I say stop”. Okan fell to the ground and begin slowly. The instructor cleared his throat and began again “We I say fire you fire when I say chamber you will chamber your next bullet and when I say reload you will reload is that clear” Once again “SIR YES SIR” one by one we walked forward and took our rifles. We took aim at the silhouettes across from each one of our posts on my right was Dog With a Taco and on my left was Dominic. I could see Dog With a Taco through the sandbags separating us his concentration was set on his target and nothing outside of his focus. As I sighted back in and set my gaze upon my target the drill instructor yelled “Fire” shakenly fire fired then he stated “Chamber” then “Aim” and once again “Fire”. These drill continued for what felt like hours. It as if though was a endless repetitive task. By the time we finished the sun had nearly set. As feel rose up and returned back to the line one by one I could see okan still doing pushups just he seemed almost half dead by now. The drill instructor turned towards okan and admittedly asked him to stop. Okan slowly rose to his feet and looked towards the drill instructor began saying “Now what is the correct answer Private Okan”. Okan look like he was seconds away from responded with a weak “Sir.. Yes sir.”. The instructor retorted with a smile and said “That's what I thought maybe if you can learn to say three words maybe you not dumb enough to be a marine” once again okan respond quietly “Sir yes sir” we took the rifles given to us and returned to our bunks for the night. As I turned to see okan expression after what had just been through his face there was but no emotion his face was as blank as a slate of chalk. That night was silent just like any other but I had this gut wrenching feeling something wasn't right. We returned to the rifle range and begin the drills again but then drill instructor ordered us to stop. Apparently Okan didn’t know how to shoot his gun. We stepped back and lined up behind the firing line while okan stayed there we knew the drill instructor was going to make an example out of okan. He went up to okan and demand he explain why he was not firing Okan responded with “I think my gun broke let me look”. He look down his rifle and his hand slipped and pulled the trigger. His body dropped to ground all of us were stunned Dom bursted out “HE JUST DUN SHOT EM’ SELF!”. I don't believe anyone of us had seen death this close to us until now. It felt as if time froze every thing came to a stand still. The drill instructor angrily whispered under his breath “God damnit not another one”. We were sent back to our bunk and told that we were to remain there for the rest of the day. I don't think any of us slept that night. None us had been that close to death but we all realized it was matter of time before we saw all too much of it. Chapter 4 The Village It was a week since our mission was first assigned to us. Were to go to a village and speak with the villagers and get information on where the Current Viet-cong Forward Operating Base is located. We were to be dropped off by Helios. As we boarded the aircraft we were met by a helicopter pilot named smiley. On by one we leaped onto the helicopter gun in hand ready for what was yet to face us. We knew it would be long flight to village. As we were inbound to the village I turned to see Dominic at this point was damn near half green he looked sick half near death I asked him “Your first time flying?” He responded “more like I wish it was my last” I silently chuckled. as I looked down throughout the flight I could see it all from the beautiful green tops of the canopies below to the large open rice fields. Once again we were left alone to our thoughts and were left waiting once again. One thing that confused me from the start was that fact our pilot smiley was a women. I turn towards the front of the helicopter and remarked “I didn't know they let fly” quick witted she responded with “And I didn't know they let pile of shits enlist” I and chuckled and responded with “shut up bitch”. I looked towards Dog With a Taco to see what he was doing to pass the time. I could see it in his eyes they were transfixed of the view below us. I said “Vietnam’s beautiful is it not?” Slowly he turned to me then smiled and said “still not as beautiful as home”. He was right every time I was alone all I could think about was getting home, getting to see my family, friends and to finally make a name for myself I thought “war hero” suit me fine enough. Erik chimed in and said “right now the most beautiful I can think of is a pack of smokes” We chuckled and returned to what we were doing. Then I noticed lewee our squad his eyes were transfixed not on the view of Vietnam but something else. Something I couldn't see it but I damn well knew he could. It's what they call the thousand yards stare, something that's vets who had seen all too much had to carry with them. It was quite obvious lewee had some sobering up. Since our last encounter with the congers. Finally after waiting we could see the village It was only a few straw huts with some villagers as we landed we leapt out of the helicopter all while the blades were still spinning in front of us was another squad of marines preparing to leave. but there was only four of them. but before i could ponder why I could see a large black body bag it wasn't hard to put two and two together. Lewee ran forward to speak with them as we stayed by helicopter and unloaded our equipment. Two of the marines picked up the large black bag by both sides and lifted it onto the heli after lewees conversation with the other squad leader the other marines boarded the helicopter and quickly departed. Lewee spoke to us and told us that there was hut we were suppose to stay in. After we moved all the equipment it was sunset. We were nervous and anxious this was our first night away from an American base. We decided we would take turns every hour watching the hut while the others slept. It was late I was woken up by a tap on my shoulder which quickly turn into shaking. Then I heard a whisper “Hey Keith it's your turn” it was Dog With a Taco I took my rifle slowly rose to my feet and walked towards the front of the shockingly large hut. I took a folding chair with me and sat at the entrance for the next hour. I had to stop myself multiple time from dozing off but I managed to stay awake. All I could think of was stand there was home. Before I knew I turned to my watch and saw it was three. It was Dominic’s I went inside woke up Dominic and then fell quickly asleep. Tomorrow we were suppose to find our translator Euro and talk to vilage higher ups but for now we sleep Chapter 5 and 6 almost done
  6. A Dog with a taco and a m16 Chapter 0. Prologue It was the summer of 69' we were both 18 fresh outta high school Dog With a Taco was a friend I held dear since we were 6. We were two kids from Alabama born and raised we stuck together through thick and thin pulled each other up. He was always getting himself into trouble but I was always there to pull him back and keep him in check that's the thing about Dog With a Taco he was always the wild one. We knew our families couldn't afford what was necessary for a "Higher" education. So we did what any two strong willed boys from Alabama would do we decided to better our country and enlist. chapter 1. Parris island We arrived on a rainy summer day it was both Dog With a Taco and I first time out of the great state of Alabama. It was a rainy summer day but the light was able to peer through the clouds but yet it wasn't powerful enough part the clouds of rain. The bus was crowded smelled of body odor and disgust. I was sat next to Dog With a Taco he had a blank expression on his face but I knew he was as unprepared as I was. The bus came to screeching halt in front of a gate Positioned on both sides were Guard towers with armed soldiers at the peaks on them. The officer hailing the bus made motion for it to pull forward as bus the crept forward it returned to stop as officer boarded. He spoke with the driver as they exchanged paper's. With one quick motion the officer exited the bus. The bus continued pulling forward all the way through the gate this time as it arrived to the front of the boot camp. The doors of the bus opened with incredible force with silence immediately fell upon the bus A highly decorated drill instructor boarded the bus with one breath he yelled out "ATTENTION" quickly all eyes shot to the front of the bus where they fell upon him. The drill instructor then began "Welcome to Parris Island you were sent here to become marines. Not wide eye'd maggot's now get your gear and get the fuck off my bus" within seconds we were all off bus gear In hand. We were lined up and told where are bunks would be we rushed to them with the speed of horses. We arrived to a open room with bunk beds lined along the walls on the left and right the floors squeaky clean with what was clearly a bathroom in the back with a closed room across from it. it was clear that would no longer be any privacy from the looks of it. We lined up along the bunks we were assigned to but I panicked when I noticed I would not be with Dog With a Taco as the bunking to left of mine. Instead I was bunking with a kaskitewi boy I’ll be honest I didn’t even know they let them join the marines. I thought the best thing to do was to introduce myself to him I walked up to my new bunkmate and said “Hi man how you doin’ I’m your new bunk mate Keith” He responded with a smile and said “My name's Dominic I’m here from Oklahoma” I said “That's along way from South carolina” quick with a reply he said “It’s not far enough” we both chuckled I knew from that moment Dom and I would get along fine. As I was readying my bunk for inspection I glanced to see how Dog With a Taco was doing as I was hoping he would be as well as I was with my new found friend. But before I could the door to the Bunk Room was flung open as all the cadets turned to see what was going on they were met with sturdy “ATTENTION, Cadets Line up for inspection”. There were two darkened lines of tile that followed the floor each cadet lined up to attention face across from each other. The instructor began to lecture us as he walked back fourth down the line. But I was lost I couldn't pay attention I was stuck thinking about going to those jungles and fighting for what we all wanted. Being a war hero Someone who everyone respected and wanted to be brave strong and have courage I was ready to give my life to fight the great fight. I didn't think I need training all I needed was a gun and Viet-cong to shoot at I was over ambitious. Before I could snap back to what was currently happening in the bunk room The drill sergeant snap “From now on you will call me SIR now DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR” with Reflex’s a retorted back along with the rest of the cadets “Sir yes Sir” He smiled and said “Maybe they sent more than a few dickless cockeyed maggot's Now get some sleep we have a long day ahead of us”. With the snap of the lights we all rushed back into our bunks. Chapter 2. The jungle The AK-47 rifle makes the same sound as a hunting rifle to the untrained ear but if you hear it enough you can start to recognize it. I’d say it's mostly due to the type of round it shoots, the action it uses and the muzzle brake -Nam Vet My eyes shot open to the now indistinguishable sound of a Kalashnikov firing in the distance I jumped out of my bed. Along with three Other marines In our large Bunk tent we slept In our uniforms with every thing on but helmets. I reached for my rifle then my helmet. I was ready To pull the trigger And set my sights on some viet-cong. Quickly our squad leader Lewee or as the Officers call him All T’s bursted into the tent with a cigar in one hand and a pistol in the other and big ass smile on his face. He reached for radio after a brush of white noise A song started playing a Sound I will never forget. (If you want to experience the story in its fullness please play this in the backround Or if you want the smiley experience play this ) He put down his pistol and threw our combat medic Erik his rifle. I turned to erik he was fresh off “The Island” he was a medical student who had yet to witness combat, He was from Idaho and use to eat tons of potatoes some of the officers called him extreme potatoes, but because he didn't like the name he stopped eating but to mess with him more we started calling him reformed. Lewee Looked to Dog With a Taco and yelled under the sound of gunfire “Dog With a Taco take point, I heard you're a hell of a shot. Everyone follow point and Don’t get lost, these jungle will kill you before these congers will” We lined up and exited the tent one by one. The moon light hit my eyes I will never forget the beauty of the jungles of vietnam for once the clouds were all but gone a clear canopy was left. I was almost taken away from the gunfire and chaos occurring around me I felt for once safe as if someone or something was protecting, me watching over me. Before I could come to my senses I felt nudge at my back. “KEEP MOVING FORWARD” Shouted All t’s I was brought back to the moment. I griped my rifle and trekked forward, towards the frontlines. My boots were covered in mud We were in a makeshift trench the viet cong dug before we advanced on them. All five of us were tightly packed into trench style fox holes, erik was crouched down while all four of us were aiming for the brush waiting for a conger to peak his head out, but we could see nothing. I could hear lewee giggling uncontrollably I knew he's drunk off his ass, he was probably on more than alcohol. Dog With a Taco was next to me, I could see it in his eyes He was ready to fire. He whispers to me “eyes forward before a Conger sends you home faster then Johnson will”. With a sigh I looked down the sight of my rifle but I still could only see underbrush and absence of light. I heard Dom the youngest in the group shout “Where did em’ congers go”. Lewee pulled his hand back and hit him on the back of the head He let out a loud SHHHHHHH… Silence fell again I leaned over to Lewee and asked “They don’t expect us to sit here all night waiting for them reappear, it was probably one their hit runs they could be miles away by now?” Lewee responded with “Don’t be so sure they are as quiet as they are fast”. We heard A Shout “ Squad leads report to de-brief” Lewee turned to us and said “Dog With a Taco Is in charge until Im back dont let a single conger get a shot off on our guys you hear?” Dog With a Taco nodded and we returned to our post’s Erik lit up and smoke and sat down letting out a deep sigh. An hour passed and nothing had happened yet, Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching. We shot up with a quick dose adrenaline to see if it was the viet-cong hoping to try and nail in the coffin. But before we had a clear view over we heard a voice “Who's ready for a mission” It was lewee we turned to see he was returning from the debrief. Quick with a question Dominic blurted out “What’s da misshun chief”. With a smile and chuckle lewee said gleefully “We are gonna take the fight to them”. With smiles we returned to our bunks It was nearly sunrise but sleep was something you couldn't live without both back home and in the jungles of Nam’. As I crawled in my bunk and laid down my rifle I knew tomorrow was the day, the day I become a hero.
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  8. I could not agree more when I first arrived at PB I was a but a small boy scared and worried about death games on jb servers. Then it happened I got a msg on skype from a person has nicknamed "Senpai sugar daddy" Or as you know him All T's. He spoke of a great prophecy that a PB server provided refuge to small children like me he said:"No forced death games". ill be honest I cried a little it was very emotional for me to find a server were a man yelling at me in some east European language while he shoots at me for not following to his accordion. Finally, a server where someone in a east European language can't gun me down I could be free! But then this-this post I see death games returning my nam flashbacks came to me I saw the Viet Cong around me. Please I beg you not just for my nam flashbacks but for every PB reg Hear this man out! Ps.Since I Nam vet I can not buy Christmas gift if you would like to donate click that thanks button Go America! +rep