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  1. Its pretty fun and is satisfying my desire for animal crossing. Too bad you wont share all your fruits.
  2. I remember playing JB with you back in the day and you were always around when I came back too. I'll miss the times that we shared so long ago and I hope our paths cross again in some crazy way. Good luck out there man!
  3. I've been trying to finish BoJack Horseman. One show I recommend though is The Good Place. That show caught me off guard on how good it was.
  4. Gotta have a turkey mayonnaise mustard provolone on toast my dudes.
  5. So I'm sure none of you are wondering where I have been, so here is the answer. A few months ago my laptops new solid state drive decided to kill itself. i have sense replaced it with my old hard drive and my computer seems to be working. i have no idea how well cs:go will run but i hope to be back soon. I miss playing with you guys and getting screamed at. im sure you will see me on TTT here soon. if you have any questions feel free to ask
  6. Do you cut your steak before shoving it in your ass?
  7. The office mainly. Or something similar that I've seen a thousand times. Too bad Netflix is getting rid of all my favorite shows
  8. You will never be as great as the ten team
  9. No gmod ttt? That's fine. That's............ fine
  10. Hit my own wrist with a hatchet. I'm dumb I'm keeping that one cuz it shows how dumb I am but I also carjacked my head open in a shoe store in a mall because I thought I was Tarzan. It's a long story.