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  1. No gmod ttt? That's fine. That's............ fine
  2. So now if someone does kills their t buddy and claims that there was no red circle what action do we take
  3. Can't wait to see you all there! lets hope for a dedicated chicken wars server
  4. feelin that mang

  5. ah not too much, enjoying being back in sg

  6. whats up my homie from another mommy

  7. yo my bother of another momma

  8. It was a balast from the past seeing all these people and talking about the old days. I wish I had taken the weekend off to only play gmod ttt haha. Thank you everyone who voted and showed up. You guys are the best
  9. Yes I do think this is a problem. Although I am guilty of doing this myself, not to get karma just for joke or situations we are trying to set up (McDonald's on stadium), it does cause problems and I have stopped senice I realized this was breaking the game. It could also cause delaying and ghosting situations.
  10. GREAT JOB EVERYBODY! Every dollar counts and this was an awesome accomplishment! Hopefully all the money will be used to make the raffles better
  11. THANK GOD. I miss gmod ttt. I hope you see you all there. Will subs still have reserved slots?
  12. jk I will be able to make it for about an hour lol.
  13. Oh whoops I didn't know about the match boxes. Thank you for informing me. And with the scope thing it would eliminate body's being stuck in high places or at the bottom of the map like skyscraper. But if it cannot be done then hey it can't be done. Thank you all for your information