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  1. If we kill Rygor we get his HG and if we kill Steven we get VT, pick your poison.

  2. Congratulations now you cant live normally
  3. Oh my god... Rainbow event... I am SO excited, no way! This is going to be epic, @Snatch_Teeand I will run Caviera and uhhh Vigil because we are cool ROAMERS! <--- This game is an immersive experience and it reminds me of the time my neighbor's house got swatted !
  4. 😏 congrats🤮🤮🥶🤐😢🤪😢🤪😭
  5. huh, comander, my balls still itch

    1. Arctic wolf

      Arctic wolf

      let me itch them for you

  6. can i borrow your fushigi balls? i lost mine

  7. huh, comander, my balls still itch

  8. you can boost out of the map here on the 2 ledges of this building, needs 3 people to boost