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  1. Kayden

    Class limits?

    Ex. All Spys, all soldier, and it goes on. A class limit would just be boring and unfun
  2. Kayden

    Class limits?

    Tbh I think that kinda dumb it would get rid of the dumb shit you can do
  3. JB Tf2 is happening never, It would ruin TF2
  4. This is the best thing SG has ever done cant wait for the conga line
  5. Kayden

    TF2 Main

    Yo whats your Team fortress 2 main? Mines spy because its fun fucking up engineers shit!
  6. Kayden


    Well having a storm rn but doing aight
  7. [sG] Stewie :thumb:

  8. Kos Kayden.

  9. Kayden


    Eh doing aight
  10. Just make It gold again it wasn't hard to get someone wit it
  11. Personally I think that the map can find new things to be put on. It balances rebelling but at a cost. And the t's can kill the cts very easily. Orders get boring quickly and not really any deathgames are said. I give the map a 7/10 for balance but bland play
  12. Counter Blox clan? GhOsTs????? yo pull up
  13. Welcome back :0