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  1. how many fucking clips do I have to submit
  2. Its a game made of 1s and 0s don't take it too seriously man. Everyone at one point has taken the game too seriously, just remember when you get off the game that you don't care 15 minutes later.
  3. Legit profile views. Also where the fuck is jb school 

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    2. dolo


      forgot to download hammer delayed for another 3 years until i learn how to use it

    3. BloodBlades


      forgot to use my brain delayed permanently 

    4. Kanye


      stay dick riding

  4. Kanye


    yea me and @dr doo doo booger balls used it a few times
  5. dolo

    im dropping jb_school tomorrow 

    1. Kanye


      bro ill actually kill you










      in game.

  6. Start listening to kanye and worship shungite only way to be the best reg.
  7. Kanye

    Rust Info "bug"

    Provide a short summary of the bug. Rust Info "bug" Please explain the bug in detail, including reproduction steps. Not really a bug just that the rust info is contradicting itself with the servers chat pop up when going to Servers-->Rust you would then see which contradicts this chat pop up below What device are you using? Desktop I've looked at the other bugs open and this bug hasn't already been reported. No I understand that this bug is not an exploit (does not give me access where I shouldn't have access, does not give me access to private information). Yes
  8. banned lel

  9. Kanye


    Now this is cool diagram and all but this is only used for new players that came from another server that did have a warden. Yes there will always be the "is there a warden" with a response but, why would we need to advertise a command only needed for new people? As well as players using it that would simply just be someone just joins CT who is new and tries to type in !warden which then the prompt shows up. Now speaking from the outside standpoint of coding a plugin doesn't sound that bad when it's as simple as just a prompt (which I realize isn't simple in coding always). As well as unnecessary work is just simply not true, since it would actually help with new players. Hopefully someone can give me some insight into how hard this would be, by a someone that has experience doing it in the past or currently doing it please.
  10. Kanye


    completely ignoring the point of the command to stop them asking in the first place. If it goes any farther than that then an admin can mute them.
  11. Kanye


    Yeah I click baited the title, but I do think we should have a !warden command that has a pop up of some sorts in chat or on your screen that says the following, "We do not have a warden on this server. All guards can make valid orders. You can learn more about this here !rules" or something along those lines. Tell me what you guys think about this because it can stop confusion for new players coming from other servers.
  12. yes... record them breaking the rules then go to player complaints and fill one of the forms out make sure to screenshot there steam-id and yours in game (status in console). They will be banned if sufficient evidence is in the clips submitted
  13. dolo

    rust admin when

    1. Kanye


      when reflex applies


  14. Kanye


    pro tip: just like the post instead of saying thank you in a separate post (keeps shit less cluttered).