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  1. Slim Jim best tree cutter!!!
  2. my banned account got captain shit's so ez man just no life the game like @carrollton
  3. already addressed that its risky to just dome people because you believe they are kos
  4. Simple answer is yes. It really doesn't matter if they see you do it or don't see you do it since you activated a secret you are kos so if you feel confident that someone did something kos you can kill them. Just be careful because you could be completely wrong. Jb isn't like TTT where you need to see or hear an action for you to kill someone. Jb is straight forward if you do something kos at the start of the round you are still kos all the way up to the end of the round. Hopefully this answered your question.
  5. You don't have to say no delaying. It's implied... end of discussion is that your allowed to warningshot people for Delaying. Blatant disobeying can be perceived as Delaying as well, so be careful where you draw your line between Delaying and Blatant Disobeying
  6. Kanye

    jailbreak in 2021

    @kurinext time he should just turn a blind eye...lmao
  7. Kanye

    jailbreak in 2021

    The state of jb is utter dogshit. Giraff always been doing that bullshit. I've also expressed a changing in rules would be beneficial because blatant can be defined as way to many things. All new cts have come to this annoying ass nazi meta and really the only ones that let that shit go are OG's.
  8. wait a minute 


    you're not Kayne



  9. I used to try and get people on when ever I could because I loved the servers. But unfortunately other 1v1 servers don't have 0 players in them at any given time and karma right now is absolutely dominating the 1v1 servers. The events team I believe was or is trying to make a 1v1 event to get more server pop but then again I really don't know for certain. Most new comers don't even know it exists.
  10. Made free money. Friends all bought battle pass shit thing. Then I got cheats spin botted every challenge for them. WORTH the VAC ban tbh made like 100 dollars with all of us combined
  11. Vac banned gamer

    1. Happy Cat

      Happy Cat


    2. Happy Cat

      Happy Cat

      we still love u french kid

    3. BloodBlades
  12. Rejected.

  13. I'm practicing aimbots rest of the week to tap @Spy.