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  1. What does the TF2 servers need? I have this question for quite sometime now as the server has had no players on it for months now. So I'm going to put my thoughts down and hopefully this can spark a productive conversation on the state of the servers. Arena mode sucks! This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as if you look at any server list on TF2 there are no default arena games, it's all Jailbreak, Versus Saxton Hale, or some other weird game mode. So there's two things i think we could do. A. Make it solely Versus Saxton Hale. This could make the servers more focused on the game mode and we could work on making that better and more appealing to the TF2 player base. Some example could include more diversity in hale choice and even multiple hales at once. I know that skial has a VSH server where instead of one mega boss it's multipul different bosses. (they even had a Darth Vader boss!) or B. Instead of having an arena/VSH server we make it more like quick play was back before Meet your match. The server could be all the core maps or some of the maps. It could be a place for TF2 players to play at who don't want to play casual and play "kick the bot." This would entice players to join our servers and enjoy "classic TF2." I feel both of these changes are perfectly valid, but if you have an opinion on these changes or have other ideas that would be great. I hope if any of these changes were implemented mine or someone else's in the replies it would drastically improve the state of the TF2 servers and maybe even get some regulars on there.
  2. These are just ideas. In no way am I saying every single one of these roles need to be added. Just some food for thought to add some flavor to the kinda stagnate TTT server.
  3. So earlier I was playing PavlovVR and was playing TTT on there and they had interesting roles that I thought could be interesting for this servers TTT. Lone Wolf- Their job is to kill everyone Mercenary- has access to all Traitor and Detective shop items Glitch - Innocent like a traitor to other traitors. Although, they get detective scanned as a Inno, can't access T rooms, and aren't shown at the start of the round as a traitor friend Jester- Their job is to get killed by innos. They can shoot but can't deal damage. the innos and detective can't see that their the jester but the Traitors can see them Assassin- they have specific targets to kill, does double damage to targets and half damage to non targets What do you all think? I think this could be a great addition to server when it gets highly populated and could add variety to the server. (I just realized while writing this that this is also mainly apart of the gmod ttt and not just pavlov)
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    TF2 White Xmas

    Technical difficulties give us a second
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    TF2 White Xmas

    Bump! Event will be happening in a few more hours! IP will be posted in discord as well as in this thread
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    Bump! 1 more day!!
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    I'd Like to see you try!