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Well, Well, Well, How the Turntables...

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Goodbye BR. You will forever be the best and true events team manager and events team director o7.


Thank you for everything you’ve done and help me with.


I still remember the first time you helped set us up with a L4D mgt :) good times. 



Now you got more time to play games with us tho 😄 I’m expecting some new youtube content soon. 

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Rain. Though I'm not close with you personally just wanted to thank you, as the work you've done here is pretty much incalculable. From having you as BD momager from my 27 times on the events team, to being part of the BD team that let my dumbass get IA? lol??? But seriously, go kick some ass in the real world, future Dr. Rain. 


Edit: Thank you for constantly exposing me through your YouTube videos. 

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I already told you you're not allowed to step down...


In all seriousness, thank you for everything you've done for SG, Black Rain.  I remember you first becoming an admin, now look at you, time flies.  Best of luck to you.

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See you in a couple months rain!!


for real though, if you want more COD moments or any other games just @ me in discord.


Favorite BD gone again, the one that made me apply for staff in the first place for ze xD. Good luck with what you got going on in life!!! Pop by for the events at least so we can make greg mad (especially at mini golf lol).

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