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Staff / Members of the month! - October 2022

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First off lets give a huge thanks to the @Nishok @TheVirus for bringing back the forums and servers. Without them we would not be here continuing on. They were putting in work everyday since the forums went down and after all their work have got it back and going strong! Make sure to thank them in shoutbox!



Members of the Month


First off we have a couple of outstanding individuals that not only have been actively playing our servers but have been bringing a vibe and overall healthy mindset to TTT and the community as of late. They both have not only shown they care about this place but are contributing just that little bit more that the staff have been recognizing and all agreed on for our members of this month!







Staff of the month


We have two staff that have been voted on by the board for two completely opposite reasons. One has been breaking their back carrying the TTT servers revival and the other has been grinding behind the scenes taking care of the backend and spearheading the conversation around TTT. There would be too many paragraphs to describe how much passion these two have for the community we hope they keep going strong with all the effort they have been putting in!








Thank you to those who have been putting in that extra bit of effort. During this time it goes such a long way with what you individuals have been doing for the community and we want to thank you for that and make sure you know it does not go unnoticed! Keep on being awesome!

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Big thank you to Nishok and Virus. Top G's


Congrats to all of you, you each deserve this recognition for the work you have all contributed. 



@triou you are the funniest mf I've played with on ttt in a very long time and you don't even use your mic. 

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