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Jailbreak Valentines Event!

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Shoutout to @nesquik for the dope ass banner


Jailbreak Valentines Event


IP -



From - February 8th-21st


Hey everyone, we have another event to bring you for the Jailbreak server for a good bit of February. We all think it'll be a good bit of fun for everyone, and we hope you all LOVE the new things we're adding. Hope to see you all there.



Some LOVEly Models


(VIP, CT) - Thanos

(Sub, T) - Starlord

(Public, CT) - Vegeta

(Public, T) - Goku



Marriage Plugin

- Ability to Marry/Divorce one other person (once per round)

- Scoreboard for the top couples (!couples , /couples)

- Ability to teleport to your partner if you're on the same team (VALENTINE'S DAY EXCLUSIVE)

- Command List:



sm_marry - !marry

Opens a menu so you can browse all connected singles on the server and propose to one by selecting.

sm_revoke - !revoke

Revokes a proposal you have made.

sm_proposals - !proposals

Opens a menu so you can browse all players who have proposed to you, selecting one will accept the proposal and you will be married. Congratz ;)

sm_divorce - !divorce

Ends your marriage. But why would you do that?

sm_couples - !couples

Opens a menu with the top couples, i.e. those who have the highest score. Also displays the corresponding wedding dates.


Teleport to your loved one. Only one teleport allowed per round, per player.




Couples' Quarrel


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

The breadwinner of the top couple gets 2k credits,

And the other gets 1k too!





While you are here you might as well join our steam group!


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You lengthened the event back to your initial proposal. The teleport functionality will probably make the server unplayable and is literally rp breaking.


Whoops didn't read the fine print. Ctp for one night isn't so bad

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