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Goodbye Friends

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Although I don't know a single thing about you SilentGuns, I hope you stay healthy and safe on your departure! Thank you for helping SG however you can. 

Hopefully Squad will stay great after you leave. Farewell!





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Silentguns, thank you for your valiant effort and all the time you put into Squad. I'll never forget it. Thank you buddy and I wish you luck on your future endeavors. You're probably the most tolerable weaboo I have met. 

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From running over Squad mates with Simir Kurds to running straight into cap zones, I’ve had a blast these past few months. So glad I was given the opportunity to manage alongside you and I’m sad to see you go. Stop by every now and then, there’s always a spot on the tournament roster for you 😉 So long, SilentBuns.

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Man... I didn't know that parting gift was actually a PARTING GIFT. Thought you meant because you don't play CS:GO anymore you don't need them :pensive2:




Never forget SilentGuns with the




Salute at 3x

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