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We went through a list of applicants and we're excited to have the first set of newcomers be apart of SG's newly formed team. Please join me in welcoming Acer, Frostbitten, and Steel to the Discord Team!



Their new responsibilities include:

  • Applying and tracking warnings
  • Issuing Bans, Mutes, and Timeouts.
  • Removing content violating Discord Rules
  • Handling Discord Player Complaints
  • Working with the IA team to handle unique discord issues from players
  • Developing a robust discord protocol for moderation
  • Occasionally providing input on the set up of the discord



Again, anyone is welcome to apply for the Discord Team and we're always looking for people to help moderate. If you're interested in helping out then don't hesitate to submit an application!



Congrats everyone and enjoy that shiny new rank bar!

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