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  1. Toxic af kid, ignore this manchild if you can

  2. should i also definitely not hit the bell to be notified when ur next video comes out????
  3. wait this is bullshit i want sharkesha on my tea. rigged like the giveaway.
  4. phantom153

    Bhop on ZE

    i talked to leon yesterday about it the bhop seemed to be uncapped on westersand but then recapped on mako so it might be certain maps are uncapped. also im pretty sure hes talking about westersand @TheCharizard
  5. those last 4 will need dedicated leaders and some good team work to win
  6. i definetly agree with greggy server vs server would just turn into communities raging at each other depending on who lost because every community has toxic people who would jump at the chance to make fun of people. Also many of the ZE servers share players so competing would just detract from available players and also kind of draw a line in the sand between people who feel that someone not playing on specific server for the event would be making a statement on which server they prefer.
  7. admunnnn fenal fantasea i need screenshot. or castlevanya
  8. of course ill join drunk team but only if i can verbally abuse people.
  9. only issue i see in creating the list that differentiates by difficulty is that A) it creates kind of an elitist attitude if people nominate "hard" maps and may discourage new people from playing them B) it might lead to troll map picking by just always nominating "hard" maps.
  10. I believe that the stripper would make it so that the wall is no longer breakable. I know that i dont play jb too much these days but if four corners is a deathgame area wouldnt it stand to reason falling constitutes losing, and losing the deathgame mean well death. so the vent would kind of nullify losing the deathgame since they can just escape through the vent and have another chance at life.
  11. we may also want to add Christmas infection just to make it more christmase
  12. yeah make the weeb skins more expensive so that they feel more special.
  13. This scrim started with a sandbag that went so horrible we forgot how not to sandbag.