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  1. Rest in peace buddy

  2. happy birthday pickleboi :))

  3. Happy Birthday Pickle!

  4. :jaw: me no like purple
  5. This is not something we can do outside of the server. We need to be there when you play to reset it.
  6. The karma had a few issues with some players. It should hopefully work now.
  7. Hello Steam-Gamers, Mad Dogg and I have reviewed all of the maps and we were very pleased with all of the submissions. It was very hard to pick the 3 best maps as everyone did a great job with their creation. Here are the winners! 1. ttt_valdinaby @MrMuesli ($25 +SG Forum Award) 2. ttt_afterglowby @Ham ($15 +SG Forum Award) 3. ttt_sinkingship_sgby @Bdcoll ($10 +SG Forum Award) Congratulations to the winners and good job on your maps! (pm Caution for your prize) This was a very fun event and we hope that these mappers will continue to update their maps as we add them to the server.