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  1. Kofi

  2. Kofi

    *Gives TangoTard Admin*

  3. Poopsta

  4. Kofi

    Skribbl.io Event!

    Ive still never lost
  5. Dominic, Dom, and The Don. Zero confusion

  6. Ace fammillllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  7. This won't be the first time I killed a president. Wait
  8. All the weebs will say yes
  9. Meggi, please explain why not. I'm literally better than s1mple and I'm DMG
  10. There is an idiot under me

  11. Ok, but I'm warning yall. I've never lost. I'm 364-0
  12. Has the best aim but the worst computer I've ever seen.

  13. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room! A rubber room with rats, and rats make me crazy. Crazy?