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  1. Kofi

  2. Kofi

    *Gives TangoTard Admin*

  3. Kofi

    Skribbl.io Event!

    Ive still never lost
  4. Kofi

    Dominic, Dom, and The Don. Zero confusion

  5. Ace fammillllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. This won't be the first time I killed a president. Wait
  7. There is an idiot under me

  8. Ok, but I'm warning yall. I've never lost. I'm 364-0
  9. Has the best aim but the worst computer I've ever seen.

  10. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room! A rubber room with rats, and rats make me crazy. Crazy?

  11. Kofi

    Big ups for BD