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  1. Neko

    November 27, and it’s still hard to believe that this is actually real, board members did the best they could to give you your wish of VP…haha..didn’t know you as well as I hoped, but the few times we had were fun, I just hope you enjoyed them as much as I did..and at least you are in a better place, rest assured you won’t be forgotten ❤️

  2. Neko

    SG Chess Tournament

    I am aware, by no means am I saying it was not evenly matched or that it was an unfair game. I am more or less saying I got destroyed lol and that it was a good game
  3. Neko

    SG Chess Tournament

    good game to my opponent, should have had someone who was better skill level, or at least cared about winning chess as much as you did
  4. God out of all people to pair me with…Leon?! I mean come on he slaps the shit out of me! Whyyyy!!! lmao
  5. Roddy, you do know she is kidding right? How is Roddy not demoted yet? Smh
  6. The only map I know here is Thousand Steps
  7. nekoplayz is no more amen

  8. Is there a possible way to add in every staff members name to exclude them from this. Everything in TTT should be separate lines of code (like the buy menu for Terrorists or Detective with all the items, there is a few lines of code that makes sure the system/server remembers to put in the buy menu/remember those lines of code every time the TTT server is fired up/played, same thing with /ws and all that, it is coded to be always appear and function as an option) (ps: not a great coder so it's hard to explain, just hope what I am saying is understandable) So back to subject at hand, if the coding for the 15-30 second blackout isn't too hard, it shouldn't be any harder to code the separate "ID's" for the staff members, to exclude them from their screens blacking out. If I am wrong and it is harder to code separate people to be excluded from the "blackout event" (staff members to be exact) then never mind. BUT, if it isn't too hard to do this, I wouldn't see this as a waste of time either, I think it would be super fun to have a defib in TTT. Edit: and of course once the 15-30 second time frame is over, they shouldn't be able to defib that person. Which....would be more coding, but again it really depends on the difficulty of the coding for this