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  1. One's insecurities really show with words like these
  2. sounds like you at every event
  3. #1 shit #2 Sure I'll give you that one its a pretty sad emote #3 Shit iFunny meme #4 Not really something that could be used to convey haste and immediacy
  4. what fucking context are your supposed to be used in besides the second one
  5. RIP the 3-0 Astralis and 0-3 Flames pick'ems
  6. How are you not demoted for point farming smh jk
  7. Isnt .bz2 just a compressed .bsp I just download the .bz2 unpack using 7zip and get a .bsp i put in my maps folder
  8. So ultimately both sides are right in their own ways. It's not necessary for your survival to be shooting through the fence since its impenetrable by a knife, a humans focus should be on the hole in said fence because that's the only way for Z's to reach you. But the argument can be made to shoot them through the fence to prevent a bhopper from flying in; since zombies should always be actively trying to infect the humans if they walk into the room, it can be said they are coming after you. But since everyone's worried about points we have come this this weird middle ground of humans trying to rack up a nice Z kill streak and the zombies doing nothing because they dont want to inflate the humans points and ego any larger then they already are. Sorry if I don't make sense. I'm not too great at putting my words to thought, but like it has already been said just remove the fence and this issue doesn't come up.
  9. Congrats Roddy continue the pinging king
  10. Great event boys...except for when the server crashed but awesome night all around, now if you'll excuse us me and @Reid99 are gonna throw up
  11. You didn't have to destroy that mans whole life like that
  12. See people this proves that becoming a ZE reg helps you become a better person and actually contribute to society Nate has made such a transformation
  13. Yeah scary movies totally nit time to shit my pants You already know just saying
  14. mfw when the doubters start dissin before the competition officially begins
  15. Boi if you don't change that Team to ZE imma have to slap ya
  16. Oh my god your so fat