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  1. lyn

    i have no life lol

    My shitposts are entertaining! Unlike the 10 year old nazis!
  2. lyn

    i have no life lol

    You should rename this thread, "I have no life!"
  3. On TTT, missiles are just boring old sideways grey missiles. What if, our missiles were our grenade skin? So If I threw a missile, it's a flying fucking watermelon?!?! @Creten @Trazz
  4. That's just toxic
  5. honestly one of the pfp's ive enjoyed from you 

  6. It's surprising that you said that without reading the posts above! It's literally not an inconvenience; it's just a menu that goes away after you hit 9. I still don't understand how people see this as a problem. Admins don't tell people to type /info in chat unless something happened. It should only pop up to new players and only once. People do tend to take a glimpse at it. A glimpse is better than having them break a rule and be punished for it when it could be solved by simply joining the server and being taught how to play.
  7. Since two of the TTT SM's stepped down, @Creten and @Trazz, since you two both are taking care of TTT; it'd be nice for this to finally be resolved. So uh, BUMP!
  8. What is this name..

  9. I'm actually hella excited to watch Dune, it looks incredibly promising, and I respect that they took time off to make sure Dune is as good as it can be from its original adaptation. Everything else on this list seems either incredibly boring or predictable. I haven't been a fan of complete reboots of certain series, so things like Space Jam just off the bat seem really bad to me, especially with the reputation Disney has given themselves.
  10. First time hoping on TS3 in almost a year, hitting "Connect" and it already had all the details ready, my heart...
  11. ihatemylifewithadyingpassion

    1. Kanye


      looks like your doing better

  12. Finally, a proper use for our FFA mode, sounds exciting!
  13. lyn

    huh who is this 

  14. lyn