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  1. death will come upon your soul
  2. Might Off Myself For 2017


    Love is not kisses, hugs, sharing fucking drugs
    Presents on your birthday, pictures of making love

    Its dedication, trust and patience and compromise

    Now do or die, ultimatums for you and I
    I feel the vibe between us fading and I fucking hate it

    I cut myself constantly I hate myself for creating

    Pain within your heart and I'm thinking 

    This pistol's tempting to scream it out

    To my demons get even within yourself

    She's crying she needs your help

    And you're selfish think bout yourself

    All these problems created

    Extended from hate with self

    And I hope that you won't leave

    But the patience that you would need

    Is the patience of several gods

    Hanging on to selfish please

    And I'm sorry, you deserve better

    I wanted more for you, you hanging on 

    You being strong and I want more for you

    As long as you wont, leave me in the end

    We both can still pretend 

    That this life we live is worth it I promise...


    - Sincerely, XXX

  3. gud jub @20 scrolls and @TheZZL sorry im sleepy wnd dintsnt reas
  4. With the fact that I don't see many CA's or SM's playing the server, someone who would make an application would have no literal way for the CA-SM to know who they are. JA's- SA's, and regs can all have positive input on how an applicant can change or do better, or how good they generally are. And prior to what @phoenix_ said, if there was something that you guys NEEDED to know- how would they go on and about telling you guys? PMing you? From general experience, not all of us get noticed by you guy's, and something serious can fly over your heads. I'm not in favor of this at all.
  5. some days, just spend some time loving yourself

  6. your new pfp has confirmed your a furry thank you for the evidence 

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      wanna know something funny 😳 


      ur still wrong 

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      believe what ur heart says 

  7. jsb

    !report @lynxie shitposting 

  8. no new shit posts?? wahhh

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      uhm, soon i promise


  9. fuck off child

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      no you're like 14

  10. “ 'Cause I, I, I'd like to talk about love, and it's always on my mind

    Um, I'm always, oh, I've really stopped looking for someone, unfortunately, because


    Uh, currently, where my mind is, it's just like..

    I don't wanna say I've given up but I've just seen everybody make me promises and make me promises and make me promises and never really fulfill, like

    I was always looking for a caretaker

    Looking for someone that would protect me, take initiative for me

    And just be the greatesr person they could for me

    And just be the greatest person they could for me

    And that may be selfish, I don't know

    But, it's, that's just me being honest

    And every time I've kinda let myself be led on by someone, they either decieve me or

    Just treat me really, really, really bad, and I'm -- I'm a very genuine person and I'm far too emotional and I care too much

    And I've, I've definitely cared too much in situations and been fucked over.. ”