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  1. Tbh not that blantant it kinda can be but i would personally say delaying not blantant and dome you
  2. from what i know it made when roles were given the screen would freeze for a second or two
  3. As the latest csgo operation ended a week or 2 ago. What was everyones thoughts? How far did you participate in the operation pass, and what came that they kept do you like most?
  4. I understand the importance but in the end this only effects a round when it normally happens. In the end the CT who baited/gun planted is to blame and should be punished. I also don't see a way to make a rule for this cycle of killing, as it only takes half a sec if a t who gets the gun wants to rebel or not. It also doesn't help for most people who still have the setting of swap on pick up who get confused and domed by a ct instantly.
  5. Yall wish for the impossible everyone gonna rebel so the event is more of a population booster
  6. Honestly i dont like the change since i have to rebind a key for medishot since i binded all my nades
  7. says the degenerate
  8. nah reflex gonna rage quit first round
  9. Date of crash, bug or error:4/19/21 Map that was being played: - number of people in the server: - any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? - Additional Information: More of a adhd problem with me but for the ape legionaire model on jb the lower jaw is on the outside of the head on the right side while all hates masks and such are on the left side of the head like idk if its just me but this makes it diffecult to shoot heads.
  10. time to get practice totally not gonna get aimbot
  11. BeetleAtom

    CT Bans

    Slim hit it spot on ctban is for newer players, while repeat offenders of mass fk and leave normally get banned normally after a few ctbans. Ctban is time spent in game alive so if your a t who rebels and dies alot it can turn from 2 hours to 3 or 4. I don't think personally it needs changed.