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Staff / Member of the Month - September 2022

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Hello everyone,


This tradition has slowly slipped away recently and neither awards have been given out in some time, however we want to bring it back and start calling attention to the people helping our community as we try to pick ourselves back up from the hole we've been stuck in. We truly appreciate everyone's help, and every second of time you're all dedicating to this place. Whether that be a quick forum post with feedback, or logging onto a server for a little bit, it's much appreciated and it means a lot. 


Today though, we're going to be giving 'Staff of the Month' and 'Member of the Month' to two people who have been doing more than just their fair share of work around here. These two have been helping in various different ways to the point that their names were the immediate responses when the return of these awards was discussed. They're also all around great people and are extremely fun to hang with, which is exactly what our community is made for.


Firstly, Member of the Month. This person has been a staff member in the past, and a great one at that, however recently as a normal member of the community they've still been doing it a great service. To his interaction in the Jailbreak channel, the talks he has with me about the server, and the fantastic work he's doing with his mapping - it was an easy choice. The staff team pretty much unanimously voted for @Gentoo as our Member of the Month for September.


Congratulations, and thank you!


Next, Staff of the Month. It would take far too many paragraphs to explain how much this guy does behind the scenes, but just know it's ridiculous. Beyond just being a solid staff member, he's been managing our Discord server, he's working on the development of Minecraft, and has taken up the reigns on SCP. On top of all that, he was one of the most active Community Advisors prior to his promotion and was constantly pushing out ideas, on top of leading the Events Team in spectacular fashion. Technically he was supposed to be involved in the voting and not be an option, but this guy can't go unrecognized. @Acer is our Staff of the Month for September.


Huge congrats to you, and thank you.


This is just a little recognition for those of you going above and beyond what's expected of you, and a small token of our appreciation. We know it's not enough to express our gratitude, but we figured it's worth it regardless. I hope everyone continues to contribute whatever they possibly can to bring Steam-Gamers back to its feet, as this community has given a lot to me and I'm sure it's given something to all of you as well. 


Thank you everyone!

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Good job Acer.


Member of the Month for Gentoo is good but, shouldn't have been demoted... and should be a LG. He endured another perm ban in 2018 that was bs in hindsight. 

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