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My final thoughts

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Dunno if you remember this but you were the first person to give me a warm welcome into this community. The first person to actually get to know me and became a good friend. Always been great to me and the one to convince me to apply for admin lol. Thanks Erik =]

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I know damn well we're not gonna stop talking or anything, but I'll still throw some emotional shit into this thread.


When I first interacted with you after your unban, you weren't someone I thought was going to become this close to me. I suppose I figured you would've just thought I was an annoying little kid like most of the other people during that time. Our relationship progressed pretty quickly and we became really close friends, and I couldn't have been any more appreciative of this because of the atmosphere surrounding squeaky children back then. We started talking more and more and it never really stopped until you eventually came to be one of the people I trust and appreciate most, not only in this community, but also in general. I'm glad the BDs decided to unban you when you appealed, I'm glad I happened to be there to greet you upon your return, and I'm glad we've become this close over the years.


Just know you made this community much more enjoyable for me, because that's really what a community is about, the people. SG has provided me with a laundry list of things I'm thankful for, and you're at the top of it man.


Cya pussy.

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From the first time I talked to you I just knew you were a great guy. It was only a few months ago I was able to have a conversation or two here or there with you, and somehow figure out who you were. I like to think of you as a role model to me extr3m3, you're always kind and respectful to everyone you meet, just like you said to be. I aspire to be like you and reading that last paragraph really made my eyes tear up a little bit. I truly wish you have an amazing future and I hope to be able to talk to you again. Goodbye

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Friend, its funny after all these years to see you being the one taking twerps under your wing and showing them how to be civilized, but that's how it goes if you do it right. You're gonna look back here in a few years and see the same cycle and you'll be feeling old as shit too. Just remember that SG is home and you can always come back.



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Love ya man and you know we all love ya here at SG, truly hope to play with you sometime mate but for now au revoir!

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I’d like to first thank you for all the hard work that you’ve put into this community. You are one of the most authentic and real person I’ve ever met. I respect everything that you’ve gone through to get to this point. You deserved to be at the point where you are now. Your whole character arc is like straight out of a movie. I often find my self being able to relate to you in many ways in this community. You’ve always acted as the middle man for when I ever had questions to the higher ups. You saw both sides of the situations and were able to lay them out to me. Thank you once again for all that you’ve done and I hope that all goes well in your life. Take it easy man.


I'll be leaving you with a song that reminds me of your time here.


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