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Introducing Team Fortress 2!

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New 2Fort and Dustbowl Servers!

@Greggy G @Damon and I are happy to announce the launch of our brand new Team Fortress 2 Servers. We will be launching a 24/7 2Fort server and a 24/7 Dustbowl server. The game is FREE TO PLAY. You can go pick it up right now in the Steam store. It is a very fun game and I have spent the last two days slaving away to release this. We hope you guys enjoy it. We have GameMe set up on the servers so that you can climb to the top of the leaderboard. There are some cool plans in store for the server that will be coming out in the coming months.

What Is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is an online action FPS game filled with various game modes such as Payload, Control Point, and many more. Two teams, RED and BLU, fight it out to compete as the best team and win rounds. There are nine unique classes that provide a broad range of tactical abilities with a variety of player skills. TF2 also includes character and weapon customization where you can tweak your favorite class to suit not only your gameplay but also style and personal taste. 

What Are 2Fort and Dustbowl?

What is 2Fort? 2Fort is a Capture the Flag map. Two similar forts face each other, separated by a contaminated canal of deep water. A covered bridge spans the stream and battlements exist on each fort, providing excellent positions to assault oncoming players.

To win, a team must repeatedly capture the opposing team's Intelligence by picking it up from deep within their fort and carrying it all the way to its own base until reaching the game's capture objective, while preventing the enemy from achieving that same goal.


What is Dustbowl? Dustbowl is an Attack/Defend Control Point map. The goal of the attackers, team BLU, is to win through a series of stages in order to win the map. Within each stage, the attackers must capture two control points, A and B, which are held by the defenders, team RED. Point A must be captured before the attackers can assault B. The timer is increased by 4 minutes and 30 seconds for every point capture and once a point is captured it is locked and cannot be retaken by the defenders.

How Do I Connect????

Connect to 2Fort using 2fort.steam-gamers.net OR


Connect to Dustbowl using dustbowl.steam-gamers.net OR

Important Links


Team Fortress 2 Subforum

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Team Fortress 2 Changelog

Team Fortress 2 Bug Reporting

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