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It's been fantastic

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Thank you for everything fantastic. I'm totally still going to bug you whenever one of the tools you made for us doesn't work anymore. Even if you don't respond :p


we got ia and bd together and it has been a fun ride. at least you don't have to rage about that one thing that we haven't released to the public. take care buddy



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Oh boo. It's been a pleasure buddy - our karaoke nights were truly ones for the ages. I'm really happy and proud of all that you have accomplished and achieved throughout your time on the staff. All the best and good luck with everything that you do next dude.

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Haven't had a ton of occurrences with you, admittedly didn't think the highest of you when we first met but it's been over 5 years. People tend to not randomly climb to BD for no reason. 


4 minutes ago, fantastic said:

During this time I also started and am about to graduate university, fell in and out of love, raised a puppy and lost a few people close to me. When I first applied to become an SA, I said that I was more concerned about improving other peoples' experiences playing on SG rather than enjoying the servers myself, and that thinking held true through all my promotions until BD. However, recently I've found my interests started to lie elsewhere and I want to make more time for these interests, hence my resignation today.

I feel this paragraph hard, these last few years were extremely bittersweet. You sound like you've taken it the right way though and that's beyond amazing. Keep your passion and momentum going. Sorry for your losses, hope your new ventures treat you better. Keep pushing brother. Much love.

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Always admired how much of a hard worker and level headed staff member you were, and how quickly you shut down the occasional losers pinging everyone in the staff discord. Good luck with your career and thanks for all you did for this community.

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It's been a blast and honor working with you from helping you map test back when I was SA and you were AT and then working together on my own AT and MkT projects when I climbed the ranks myself. I hope whatever path you follow in life you become as successful as I know you will be. stay safe man and good luck 

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