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So we forgot a few people in the last promotions thread. Here they are! 


After one awful name change and passing @20 scrolls' trials of doom, we welcome Clamor to the Modding Team! He has been tremendous help with his work for the TTT team and we are excited to see what else he can do! Clamor's responsibilities now include: 


  • Working with the Server Managers to find and fix errors and exploits found in maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Creating and developing projects for the servers including maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Arming requested maps for use on the servers.
  • Porting popular maps and models from other games to CS:GO for use on the servers.
  • Working with the Media Team to develop graphics for completed projects.
  • Working with the Server Managers and Events Team for the production of event based projects.
  • Slaving to a mute.



Next up we have a new member being added to the Stream Team. I asked him for a sentence to describe himself but it's a bit too racist for me to post it here. Anyways, join me in welcoming EricTheGaymer. His new responsibilities will include: 


  • Streaming on the SG Twitch weekly
  • Administrating Twitch chat
  • Helping grow our Twitch following
  • Work with the marketing team on promotional events
  • Come up with ways to improve the Twitch channel



Now for the people we actually forgot to mention! 


We have two people being brought up into the Community Advisor rank. The first has held this rank and even higher ones in the past. Please welcome Phoenix_ into the Community Advisor rank. Joining him is another odd member. He is considered to be better than Scrolls, allergic to cats and create "cool" things. Welcome our next Community AdvisorAcer! Their new responsibilities will include: 


  • Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects
  • Handling player complaints and issuing bans
  • Moderation of the forum
  • Give awards to members on request
  • Send group invitations to members on request
  • Post in-game server problems on the forum
  • Help in any way to make the servers fun
  • Handle reported posts on the forum
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