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  1. The tf2 event is officially over, thankyou evereyone who joined.
  2. you're my biggest fan.

  3. Team forttress randomizer event is starting right now!! join up
  4. The tf2 randomizer event is today @5pm EST!
  5. Arctic wolf

    Rust Edit

    definitely going to do some experimenting with RustEdit. Cant wait to put large oil smack down in the middle of the map and put a bunch of bradley npc's around the map. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Don’t forget that the new date for the tf2 randomizer event is this Friday!!
  7. Thank you Honorable Gamer Chad for letting us know that you love Jail Break.
  8. I apoligize for this but im going to postpone the event for next weekend due to some plugin issues, so new date will be Friday, March 5th @5pm EST.
  9. This must be a rare occasion because i get on ttt pretty frequently and there has never been a time where someone doesnt understand there role or unless like i said there new to the game. Most people dont use the I or the T they use the colors to see what role they are, Its not hard to see what color it is at the top right. I dont what there is to get confused about it seems like they just need to read the faq because they are newer players because it the new icon is basically the same as the previous icon but more detailed and bigger.
  10. I don't see a need to change the icon from what it is currently, it's a lot easier to see than it was previously. I have never seen anyone confused about what role they are unless they're new to the server and just dont know how to play in general. Yes, the icons looks the same a I and a T are going to look similar but they are two diffrent colors, The Innocent color is green and the Traitor color is red, Two very diffrent colors that would be difficult to mix up.