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  1. Dude wtf???

    1. Nolaria


      I didn’t realize your name was Nolan until it was too late, sorry man.

  2. Might actually buy one of the new gen consoles games are looking really sick.
  3. Full map name: jb_pyrenees What server is this suggestion for? Jailbreak Link to map download: Additional information: Just found out that the map won that jailbreak mapping contest from a while ago checked out the map besides it being pretty big i think it might work for the server Screenshots attached:
  4. I’m with paggos here I’m mainly in it for the zombies. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing that game mode and I love everything about it. But of course I’m going to try out multiplayer, probably gonna preorder it soon hoping it doesn’t disappoint me like black ops 4 did
  5. God, the alpha energy! sick event creten
  6. Pred

    Im your #1 fan in the whole universe 

  7. Uhhhhh...

  8. Nolan

    Hey man, I'm a pretty big fan!