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  1. we will see if it is good enough for me to attend hmmm, I been born with it and hmmmmm if you show up @BloodBlades their a 59.098523% chance of me showing up
  2. chat order = cool , mic only on ct = 0/64 playerbase
  3. hey Steven, I think it only for Cs go Admins cuz you are SM of rust and not csgo idk

    1. Steven.


      roddy please shut up


  4. I'll settle for BD powers
  5. we should enable speed hack anticheat, good event
  6. I will fuck you up bitch boy, I have negative 8 fps, but my ping is really fucking good, I have fake lag ez, anyways looking to clap you at the event reid! good job @3ni
  7. The T can say, "Do What I Do" @Vanya L
  8. 20 scrolls and zzl, that sounds like a nice couple, congrats.
  9. This is like snapping away Junior Admins
  10. @Nate. why are you the only retarded idiot that voted Only if the ct got killed.
  11. why do you only have 6 ranks, you used to have 8 bro your cancelled now :c

    1. Technoblade


      where is CA and Premium supporter !

    2. Maniac


      Check the promo thread bud! We still vibin