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2022 Fantasy Football League | SGFFL

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It's that time again. Fantasy Football.


No theme this year, just some good old football.

The goal is to get 12 people this year, but we can do it with 8.

No prizes this year because I'm a broke bitch.


Tagging everyone that played last year as you all get priority.

@Labarr@WavY@diryathing@carrollton@Phoenix_@Kieran@Dae@tides@Eskomo@FanService@Frantic Potato


Anyone else that wants to join just let me know.


The draft is Mon, Sep 5 at 7:00 PM EST



Valk - Tokyo Yari

Kieran - Philadelphia Ram Ranchers

Phoenix_ - Everybody Hurts

Dom - Grom's Sammers

Hawks - Ice Cold TDs

Sully - Light Work

diryathing - Big Mac Jones

FanService - Those Guys

Frantic Potato - Team Frantix

Atrix - ey yuh

Eskomo - Team K

Daichi15 - Subaru HQ Elderly



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18 hours ago, Kieran said:

I’m down!


13 hours ago, Phoenix_ said:

Im in

It's the same league as last year so just make sure to log in to ESPN and see if you can still access your team and change your team if you would like to.



8 hours ago, Dom said:



1 hour ago, Hawks said:

I'm game 

I'll send you two the invite link soon.



1 hour ago, Labarr said:

Hey, I cut back on my FF leagues... I'm not gonna be available this year for it

Sad to see you go this year. Hope you make it back for future leagues.

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