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  1. Full map name: mg_galaxy_multigames_v5_nc2 Type of map: Minigames Link to the map: What needs fixing? You spawn with knives and everyone just kills eachother before the minigame is chosen. Unrelated, why do map removal and fix requests require a link to the map? the map is already in server files it doesnt make sense to have that requirement.
  2. Is it possible to extend the recent / popular posts sections? I really enjoyed how on the old forums you could just scroll to the bottom and see the like 15 most recent replied to threads. I feel the current amount shown here is not enough and makes it harder to find interesting topics.
  3. happy birthday bhop nerd

  4. It was all the suggestions on the google doc. I was the handy manny person.
  5. I made a bunch of corrections to your intro paragraph. Generally, your content is fine. You just need to work on mechanics such as word choice, avoiding the passive voice, and making sure all your sentences are clear and make complete sense.
  6. Yea that was totally a huge problem that someone exploited Facebook in this way but Facebook never sold data. That breach was caused by an exploitative company that abused people giving them permission to have their personal data, which in turn gave the company access to their friend's data. This is of course a problem Facebook should have foreseen and not allowed to happen, but they still never sold data.
  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe I'm misinformed but I'm too lazy to look it up right now. If what I understand is correct Facebook doesn't give any of our information to third parties. Facebook instead receives criteria from third parties about the kind of person the third parties want to advertise to, then, with the data Facebook has, Facebook displays ads to the types of people the third parties would be looking for. In this exchange all data is contained within Facebook and third parties never learn anything about us. They do not sell our data. They utilize our data to target us with ads that third parties pay for.
  8. Heres a quick 2 hour playlist I put together. I mixed up some songs towards the top so you wouldn't immediately get bored but I'm too lazy to do that for the entire thing so it eventually just goes in order of the albums I stole the songs from. I'm not quite sure what genres of music you like so there is a little bit of diversity in there. I'd say a solid 70% of the music I listen to is sad so if you like any of the stuff in there PM and I can probably find you some more that is very similar to it.
  9. What kind of music do you generally like? do you have spotify?
  10. Yeah because its his fault someone else gave it to him for too long
  11. ??????? IDKHOW only had FOUR songs on spotify up until 3 weeks ago, their entire popularity is built off of touring. Here's a video of an entire concert from over a year ago, when they only had ONE song on spotify which had released less than a month earlier. It's a small venue, but you can tell from the screaming and singing from the crowd that the place must be packed. If you listen to the music, the majority of the sound is coming from dallon and ryan. Ryan uses tambourines, as well as the drum and dallon uses a uke in one or two songs when he is not using the bass. Tyler uses a uke, a bass in ONE song, and the piano. Josh I think only plays the drums. Yes, twenty one pilots has one more important instrument in their shows that Tyler actually plays live, that being the piano, but their songs are usually BASED on the piano. All of the songs IDKHOW plays are based on the bass or uke. The piano is really the only important instrument present in their songs that could be played live, which they chose not to. Yes, most songs feature the guitar, but it is mostly drowned out by the bass, which is the center of the vast majority of their song, along with synthetics. BTW lights go down, and Mr. Sinister are two of their original unreleased songs and are played in that video of the concert if anyone wants to listen to them
  12. Twenty one pilots has 15,000,000 monthly listeners on spotify and their current tour is incredibly popular. The vast majority of venues sold out within the first few hours their tour was announced and above is a picture of them completely filling Capitol One Arena. I'm not quite sure the occupancy of the arena for a concert, but it is 20,000 for a hockey game and around 1/4 of the seats behind the stage are not available during a concert. Along with the pit, I'd estimate it to be ~15,000. To say that a musical duo cannot be popular is a complete fallacy, why would someone care that their favorite music is only being made by two people? It sounds the same as it would with four people or one person.
  13. This musical duo was formed in 2016 by ex Panic! at the disco bassist, Dallon Weekes, and a drummer he had perfomed with during his Brobecks time, Ryan Seamen. They have secretly been touring since their formation and had only officially released 4 songs on spotify until recently, when they dropped a 5 song EP. It included 3 of their previous songs, and added 2 new ones. As of now they have 7 officially released songs on spotify, as well as another on their youtube channel. In addition, they have 3 original songs they have been playing on tour that have not been officially released anywhere. You can find recordings of concerts in which they play these songs, though. Even though they only have 10 confirmed songs right now, they have over half a million monthly plays on spotify and they won an award from the magazine Rock Sound just today. This duo is going to blow up and I can highly recommend you give their music a listen [video=youtube;3sTQu-AQM-Y]
  14. Honestly I've owned two of these headsets and both broke within a few months. These headsets, IMO, are of terrible quality and I would never recommend that someone else get one. Your best bet is probably to see if you can still return it and get a better headset.