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  1. happy birthday bhop nerd

  2. Oops lemme raise the ceiling i gotchu fam
  3. Im out rn but I’ll probably be free when i get home. edit: yeah i cant get this map to compile. it probably needs to be done in stripper.
  4. Map Removal Full map name bhop_gofuckyourself Type of map Bhop Why should we remove it pls
  5. Map Suggestion Full map name ttt_southpark_csgo_v2 Type of map TTT Link to map download Additional Information Its the southpark map, except the center has had all the fences deleted, and a tower has been placed in the center. Also, all the glass is clear so you cant one way shoot people through the windows. Also, there is a new building you can go inside of. Finally, there is a T room in the garage across from spawn. Screenshots attached No
  6. This map is H U G E. If it was smaller it could be okay, but most rounds end up with the last traitors running around in circles while trying to find the last innos. It gets pretty boring because you just sit there spectating for 5 minutes at a time every time you die.
  7. Well I have never been told this, and it is not in any of the stickied threads. It also says the exact opposite in the rules, so until the rules are changed or I'm told otherwise, I'm going to continue to follow what the rules say. If they want to make it against the rules, they need to do so. We should not punish players for doing something the rules say you can do.
  8. From the TTT server & rules thread I'm sorry to say, your understanding of the rules is wrong; you don't have to be traitor to team kill with permission. You can team kill with permission as any role. Apparently a lot of people have this misconception, according to kick's ban appeal. Now for the suggestion, I think it is pretty useless. If someone gives you permission to kill them, they are not going to complain about being RDM'd in chat, so it should not even come up for them to be punished in the first place. If they do complain anyways, like you suggested, just give the other player a verbal warning. This is not really a big enough issue to warrant a rules change.
  9. I can make changes if needed.
  10. Back at the bottom of the barrel

  11. (Hopefully) Fixed some issues that had arisen due to CS:GO's inability to handle multiplayer maps without an extreme amount of coddling. Night time Day @Gator
  12. night time day time I removed the ability to go to the forest. I can make further edits if necessary.