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  1. JoJo.

    Damian lillard

    whos laughing tho
  2. Can we get a private discord channel where we can post players on the trade block?
  3. Someone here cannot handle the trash talk 🤣🤣 enjoy spectating bud
  4. Anything for my brother
  5. you looking fresh bro, do some more research before you speak.
  6. no that goes to @Chad because he thinks kickers arent important @idealist thoughts?
  7. JoJo.

    Dominic and Zayne

    @malibu and @Noob still trolling and not getting permd while watching other people go
  8. yeah id be down for espn tbh. I deleted the other crap app
  9. Well deserved, about time. @Kieran congrats chad! Fuck euro
  10. Come back :(