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  1. lol shut up! just dont get killed next time! talk about a load of baloney! someone didnt have their daily multivitamin!
  2. gay man hahahaha

  3. The past few days ive been on ive seen {not gonna point fingers} a few cts call a kos over it and ive been killed because of it several times :{
  4. Its been happening a lot on jb for a little while, it will say T cheated LR for no reason at all. And if a T cheats LR that player is KOS which leads to a ct killing the player for "cheating lr" in actuality nothing happened. I dont know if this is already being looked into this but i just wanted to bring it to the attention of the staff.
  5. Mommasalt

    War Days

    My first instinct is that it would be a great add to the server but there will need to be limits if they happen to often it will make the server boring in my opinion,also there should be a voting system to get the warday started like if say 5/6 cts vote yes,similar to the tmute command.
  6. lets gooo my boy got his subscriber

  7. I mean in the long run it make no difference in the game ct still drops his guns and the team losses a player i feel its not big enough of a deal to change
  8. I agree with that that would also boost the gang feature usages, as a whole the ct side is under played or ran by noobs i think the more we try to get people experience on the ct side will help the server alot and by doing that it will also be a bonus to get skins for players hard work!
  9. i agree 10 fold by why stop at ct? I say we give t side skins and a ranking system also it will do nothing but boost play time, a win win to me a much need addition to SG JB
  10. googoogaagaa me micspam and me get banned!!! :angry:


    ...but, why?