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  1. sounds fun, see everyone there
  2. How many times a day do you change your pfp?

  3. as I told you before less then an hour ago just playing ct is going to get people to know you better. Branch out like I did. play other servers. simple. you can also make player complaints and stuff map suggestions (which I yet to do for some reason).
  4. Reason you lr is to end the round so people can play or the ct’s can brag about winning a round on a t sided game mode. Plus your killing a ct in the lr and what’s killing a ct….. “KOS”. Plus the name of it should explain why it’s kos.. Its a “Last request” for a reason.
  5. Myst.

    new sub

    Do you mean for the forums? If so only Elite supporters can but the perks you have are as followed: Those are the only perks you have due to you having the lowest supporter which is. But in game you can do !Settag and see a bunch of colors cop and paste one you like and then do !settag [name you want for tag] to set your name color do !colors for your name. Do !help if anything and everything is there. hope this helped
  6. yo when we win can we all get custom skins????? :D
  7. This should be moved to spam central, no way its an actual discussion.. Not to be a dick but, this is stupid. 1-99 warning shots are more reasonable then 50-75 or 1-50. Warning shots are what there meant for as stated in the name "WARNING SHOTS" before coming across death. If an admin had to enforce anything around the range of what you stated the server would be a shit show and half the server would be getting ct banned or moved to t so they can "learn the rules".