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  1. I hope the turtles are as explosive as ever
  2. Matty

    Surf Bug Reporting

    Date: 1am pst Map: surf_sylvan Bug/Glitch: server crashed 3/3 times I tried to change the map to surf_sylvan
  3. Might want to consider just removing the doors / elevator part regardless. It's unfortunately a bit like the saw map scenario where you just get stuck waiting for it to come back down most of the time when playing with others
  4. Okay so uh, I hate autobhop. In it's current state, I think it straight up ruins so much of what made minigames amazing. Everything becomes a glorified bhop map with people flying around at 2000 velocity, and that combined with CS:GOs shitty netcode (?) make it an absolute drag to play. Shoutout to headshot maps and 1v1 knife arenas. I think removing autobhop on some of these maps as mentioned is a decent start, however I half agree with @Sully here. Calling scrolling as powerful as auto is a very big stretch imo, but regardless scrolling is still incredibly good, especially with regards to how easy it is, and so I don't think it will solve much, if anything at all. In my eyes, the only possibility of "saving" minigames on CS:GO is to somehow get a lot closer to the physics of CS:S. I'm sure most people who've played source would agree it was by far the best balance of skill to reward in regards to bhopping / movement, but with that being said, I understand it's not really a realistic expectation as it's been 8 years since CS:GO was released and I don't think we've been anywhere near to emulating Source's movement. tl;dr removing autobhop is a decent start but probably won't fix much / csgo sucks for community servers lol
  5. Matty

    Surf Bug Reporting

    I'm a bit late to this as I've only now seen the post but I'm curious to know what the rationale behind this is. One of the biggest selling points of modern timers is the prespeed limit. Back in Source, our timer was arguably a lot better than what we have now except for the fact that it didn't have one. Every map and stage was prespeeded to hell, and it made the server a really big joke. It's seriously not fun at all to have to spend 10-15 seconds jumping in circles in spawn, and I don't see what problem it could possibly be solving.
  6. Matty

    Surf Bug Reporting

    Date:7/9/20 Map:surf_jusched Bug/Glitch: checkpoints are required, which should almost never be the case. Additional Information:
  7. I love pretty much everything I've seen so far (except for maybe having 3 bomb sites, but I assume the map design will somehow make up for that). CS is fantastic but I find comp is a little too intense for me nowadays, whereas Valorant seems like the perfect competitive-casual blend. Just wish there were more beta keys being sent out...
  8. Assuming there's still room I'll sign up as a free agent. Haven't played in awhile so I'm a little rusty but I can probably get back into shape before it starts. 1.4k hours btw
  9. Man I didn't even get to play. Been so busy with finals shit. Yall kind of put it up at the worst time if the year lmao
  10. !nominate mg_serpentis_temple_v1 This is the time to beat boys
  11. And again, I will restate for the probably 5th time this thread, that this is about the HARD R, not the casual use of nigga.
  12. Ah yes, I forgot about the portion of black steam-gamers who joined solely because they can freely say the hard R now.
  13. And that's why I made this whole thread. I know it's not allowed, but regulars abuse it, and admins don't care, so like I said it may as well be at this point. I mean I could flood player and admin complaints with it, but it's systematic at this point, hence the problem.
  14. I hope for your own sake you're trolling. The hard R has been used for the sole purpose of degradation and insult, and while nigga may come from the same root, it's something that has transformed into something of a source of strength and community for black Americans. You can see the same thing happening to stuff like queer and fag for the gay community. You shouldn't take things purely at face value. As for the "single fucking vowel", it's not forensic analysis lmao. You're making it out to be way more of a hassle than it would be