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  1. Roux, my man, I never expected to come back on these forums but nostalgy forced me to. I never expected to see a post like that, it brought me in tears. I still remember the days we were playing on jailbreak, vibing, smiling, having fun. You taught me to be better at csgo and that's why you were and will always be a f*cking legend and I will never forget you. I don't care about necroing this, I couldn't hold myself to say something. Rest in peace my guy from the same state. On va jamais t'oublier mon Roux <3
  2. This plugin should be added because server is always the same thing, rebelling , so we need something different to change the gameplay of every maps. People attend to events and like them, I do not see why people would hate this plugin
  3. @Dominic It is allowed to use glitches of Fortnite to build things like a Floating Ship ?? And what if Playground ends in 1 month ? Looks like no one is really publishing pictures of their creations
  4. Participate people it’s a great event and not many people sent pictures
  5. My username is AoD.Xavier7071 We tried to make a llama and a AT-AT fight. Thanks for my brother's help This is an amazing creation from me and Justin. Here are some pics of it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]18218[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]18219[/ATTACH]
  6. Is it mandatory to do it on Playground or I can do it in Save the World, so I can upgrade my buildings and change the colors of the materials ?
  7. “Submit a screenshot” can I submit 5 screenshots of 5 different things I made ? And do we have to show our name on fortnite in the screenshot ? Because it’s easy to write on google fortnite best creations and say it’s ours
  8. nice profile pic

  9. So, when a CT says All Ts freeze, can a T jump or it counts as moving ? Because usually you have to say All ts afk freeze if you don't want them to jump or move their cameras but since there is no afk freeze, idk if we can jump
  10. stop creeping my profile dude

  11. @Roux I will no longer participate, I have something to do saturday