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  1. nah u gotta get a macro for w a s and d to slap him
  2. is this coming from the kid who still can't kill anyone on JB with an a1-s?
  3. plot twist hes gonna be too scared to show up after foreseeing whats coming to him
  4. We gonna bring up that time I *1v1'd* you and you lost by at least 20 kills? Can't wait to win ;)
  5. I agree with this; I don't see people LRing and chat rules as an advantage, maybe they just don't want to talk. I feel removing chat LR rules would just hurt the server if anything. It's basically saying you must have a mic if you want to play and some people either don't have a mic or don't want to talk and you should respect that... On top of this it's not too difficult for CTs to just read chat before accepting an LR, its no impossible task they just have to look at the bottom left of their screen before pressing 8.
  6. where do you see any fur besides lynxies signature?
  7. Blossom. Really? That’s some real gay ass shit.

  8. I like this idea in removing any shit posts and making it so there are less apps accepted as there may be less opinions meaning that you will have to work harder to make a good impression if you want admin This also w ill remove shitposts or undeserved supports from applications, but I also feel SAs should be able to put input as they might have had their own impressions of the player, and might have had more playtime with said player than maybe some of the CAs or SMs. I feel this overall is a good idea but some tweaking could be done as to who can respond and who can't based of off the higher ups' playtimes on the servers.
  9. 🌸 yo they have a whole emoji 4 u

  10. ur new name makes me want to hit u

  11. blossom ew


  12. Abstain leaning towards reapply for 17 months

    1. Poopy Head

      Poopy Head

      i said to put support wtf

  13. I like this idea, I think it might bring a much needed pop to FFA and help the activity on the server.