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  1. what are you a victim of? who did it??????

    1. le victim

      le victim

      original gangster

  2. Is this not part of your job as sm? also didnt come to me when i made my maps post but t ranks would be fun if they came back
  3. add maps that are actually fun and will be played other then electric remakes
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  5. le victim

    Valorant Scrim 5

    glad you finally got it!
  6. le victim

    Valorant Scrim 5

    Game 2 opposite team
  7. I still think even if this is the case, considering the only way to damage your teammates is by throwing a molotov, can't you at least somewhat see how it's more likely to be abused rather then be used effectively? Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? I'll provide a more structured response tomorrow when the website isn't shaking
  8. execute server is up :3
  9. This is what strike requests are for. As I'm sure you know admins can't always get on and it shouldn't affect your ability to enjoy / play the game
  10. ^^ I'd rather have an admin deal with something with accuracy then have chances of players getting banned on accident. Throwing can easily be corrected by an admin in the game and admins have the ability to decide whether x situation is intentional or not unlike auto mods.
  11. I haven't been a fan of auto moderation for a while, an example of it not really working how its meant to is on TTT when ZZL literally got banned by auto moderation and while its a different situation its the same idea. Most times players will be getting punished for something that's not their fault, and considering team damage etc isn't as much of a problem on scrim as throwing / trolling which is what would lead to false bans, I don't think its necessary.
  12. definitely demos might be interesting to see recent matches / the scores (could be on demo and have the titles be based off of the scores of the game i.e [map][score][time/date][download] or something along those lines) if we are going through with a website definitely basic stats like kda adr like you mentioned I don't know where tournaments are going in scrim but if it comes back could move SGSL stuff from forums to there like matches and stuff These are just the things off the top of my head rn I can edit later with some more possibilities if you'd like, after putting more thought I think a website for the server (as long as its not the biggest pain) would be beneficial to both regs and staff
  13. I think the idea of recording stats is great and has been something a lot of players have wanted for a while. While we do have RWS it doesn't really bring a statistic like total kills / kda, I think improved stats would be a huge bonus for the server. As for a website what would the priorities be for it that our current stats page doesn't already have? (other then the game cache which would make things a lot easier for the manager speaking from experience)
  14. le victim

    Retakes Changelog

    3/23/22 Changed spawns for de_ancient; Ts should now have longer before they get peeked by CTs. Still a WIP, if there are still issues send me a PM