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  1. bro what is that banner
  2. happy pride month champ

  3. Another cringe name huh blossom

    1. le victim

      le victim

      i miss you 😭

  4. what are you a victim of? who did it??????

    1. le victim

      le victim

      original gangster

  5. Is this not part of your job as sm? also didnt come to me when i made my maps post but t ranks would be fun if they came back
  6. add maps that are actually fun and will be played other then electric remakes
  7. le victim


  8. glad you finally got it!
  9. Game 2 opposite team
  10. I still think even if this is the case, considering the only way to damage your teammates is by throwing a molotov, can't you at least somewhat see how it's more likely to be abused rather then be used effectively? Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? I'll provide a more structured response tomorrow when the website isn't shaking