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  1. peasant btw I command you

  2. Yoddr

    Thanks for the sub mate <3

  3. pretty sure u said u would never pay for any supporter  rank as u didnt see the point in it. And now you are a supporter. Bruh 

    1. Yoddr


      I didnt buy it , 3ni gifted me it .-.

  4. Yoddr

    Prime Only

    them being banned , dosent really mean a fuck if they arent banned from SG , SG welcomes everyone
  5. gay

    1. Yoddr


      Follow me on forums so I can form a army

  6. follow me peasant


    1. Yoddr


      soka bylat

       now get your friends to follow me so I can form a army

  7. Congrats I guess , perfect time to vent to a another community SEEING BLOOD GETTING PROMOTED SO MANY TIMES 2 EXACTLY
  8. Cloud Trail From Swobbles Plz @Damon
  9. if I join , can you link me a potato Salad Hat from ebay
  10. Yoddr

    [MG] Prop Hunt!

    Me and Damon and some other reg's TESTED IT LETS FUCKING GO @Damon i will use the logic of us testing the tf2 maps and the prop hunt TO FUCKING RUIN THEIR FUNNN I AM THE MASTERRR
  11. I mean if that happens , alot of t's will complain and die alot of times and it will enforce rebelling , rage and chaotic stuff , I say we implement this only into 3 minutes before round end
  12. oSen I mean people do have a trend vibe , like in 2019 people were buying and wearing the minecraft steve head alot so that why I bought it but now I dont really even want it tbh and credits would be nice.