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It was great to see that we could get both Jailbreak and TTT populated at once yesterday.  I didn't make it into TTT, but I was on Jailbreak for a while.  Dominic said Jailbreak peaked at 18 people in the game, and TTT with 15 at the same time.  Great numbers!


I wanted to see from everyone who was in either server yesterday, what's one thing that would have made the game more enjoyable, or something that you feel would've made the population last even longer?  Does anything need to change?


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1 hour ago, Iota said:

I mean the pop was great we even did a few scrims as-well @sWzcan tell u all about how good i did :) , but the main thing is we need to work on a way to keep people on the servers like we did yesterday 

This kid dropped 7 kills over 25 rounds and had 25 deaths


I think we should gauge the skill of our playerbase and permanently remove the scrim server

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Unironically tho I felt about 70% of the admins were very active at pursuing rule breakers during that time and it makes it a much more enjoyable experience


Also I know it's a very backwards strategy at first glance, but we need to shrink the map pool even further to the 5-10 most popular maps. One bad/unknown map massacres the server and I know it sucks to have such a high barrier for entry for new and probably objectively better maps, but I think our strategy should shift to adding a new map every 3-6 months and making it the new default map for when someone joins the dead server.


It's similar to what Valve has done to get the pros acquainted with their new maps, they add just one at a time and focus 100% of their efforts onto it until it's widely accepted. This is much better than having a mapping competition and adding the top 3-5 entrants all at once, which then never get played because 1. they arent the default pick and few would willingly choose a brand new map they dont know and 2. they are so many other new maps to choose from its hard to get excited when they're all competing for the same spotlight.


Again I'd give JB another few months of growth before implementing this strategy because one bad forced map could be the end.

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