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  1. I'll trade Will Fuller for James Robinson
  2. im finally using forums again so you smell 

  3. Welcome to week 2 Sunday. Good luck to everyone, except for @Eskomo, you a ho
  4. Good luck to everyone on the first Football Sunday, except @WavY, he draft nothing but trash.
  5. Full map name: ttt_murdertown_a3 Type of map: TTT Link to the map: What needs fixing? There used to be trigger_push's along the top of the map in the a2 verison. It seems like when the map was updated to a3, the striper config wasn't updated as well.
  6. Damn. I meant to make a thread like this yesterday but got distracted. Target list: RB's or WR upgrades Players available: Austin Hooper Emmanuel Sanders Boston Scott Will Fuller V Melvin Gordon Aaron Rodgers Sterling Shepard Jerry Jeudy Players untouchable: Travis Kelce Dalvin Cook Jarvis Landry JuJu Smith-Schuster
  7. Pretty sure that 49er's pick was on purpose
  8. Probably because you drafted Todd Gurley as your RB1