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  1. Well time to make some more TTT maps to help the population.
  2. Clamor

    Bhop Bug/Crash Report

    Date:05/14/2021 Map: bhop_the_gold_rg1 Bug/Glitch/Crash: Bug Additional Information: When failing at a certain part in the map it puts you in the celling
  3. Almost 3,000. Which is way to much.
  4. Nice. Can’t wait to assemble my Infinity Gauntlet.
  5. Bully Looking forward to the event!
  6. No items, Fox, final destination. In all seriousness an LR’s won’t fit that well on TTT. If you want to do a 1v1 then go ahead and arrange it with the other last alive. Also, like it was said above get an admin if a T is delaying.
  7. This has to do with the new overlays. @crazedkangaroo you might want to re-render the innocent overlay. and @Shawty you need to go and delete the file located and csgo/materials/overlays/ttt and delete the files called innocentspinspin
  8. This one is on me. Turns out princess’ maps have a thing that blocks textures or models from being changed. The map just needs to be reverted to the old one.
  9. Nice job both of you! Keep up the great work.
  10. What is your in-game name? Clamor What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_0:1:56429097 What style are you entering in? Normal Time for submission: 5:30.398 Screenshot of time
  11. The Among Sus model better be there.
  12. In-game name: Clamor Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56429097 Time for submission: 14:41 Screenshot of time:
  13. Clamor

    JB To The Moon

    Can't a man just be happy you got unbanned? Jeez