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  1. Map was on the server in the past. It was a good map but it was rarely played on the server so it got removed.
  2. I’m still hard stuck silver 1
  3. You would be deeply upset and disappointed that T-baiting isn’t allowed on their TTT server either.
  4. This is probably gonna be majority of suggestions but make it more map and activities oriented rather then death match 2.0 with a bit of acting/roleplay.
  5. I suggested to separate the karma system and Contest karma ranking system, not how it judges whether a kill is a RDM or not. I just want the server to stop autoswitching to closequarters when there are no players on man.
  6. I want to see the karma system be changed or separated from the ranking system. You can just play for a few rounds and then have enough karma to rdm half the time without any punishment/indicator on you. Also I want to see the map not on Closequarters majority of the time, I know that the server auto switches to closequarters when there is no pop to get some more pop on the server but I don’t want to get on and have to wait just to switch maps. Playing closequarters constantly gets repetitive and is boring as fuck. Thanks bringing in new roles seems different and interesting
  7. Surf froyo Tilex Pizza Time Icecap Solo Gris Santa Assasination Frostdrake Diddle Mirrors edge and the most important one Otakuroom
  8. Scrim event on scrim POGGIE WOGGIES. Why not just have the players per team be uncapped, that would be fun what maps we doing on ZE ?_?
  9. expected a nice 5v5 but only got shitters im looking at you @diryathing
  10. Yes, what great times. It felt like I was playing top and jungle at the same time that game
  11. Do not feed the monkeys, Yakuza, the adventure pals
  12. Thank you, @diryathingis very appreciative of this change