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  1. Do not feed the monkeys, Yakuza, the adventure pals
  2. I would like a purple one this time
  3. Thank you, @diryathingis very appreciative of this change
  4. He can go to another TTT server and play, he has no obligation to play on the server, he chooses to play cause he has dedicated so much time into the community. A regular player complaining about a server shows the SM of that server/higher ups there is a problem and your player base is mad about it. One of the most constant popular servers has just seemingly vanished into thin air. No one wants to sit through countless dead hours, it is one of the most boring and time consuming things you can do and even if you do put in the hours there is a chance that no one would even get on with you to play
  5. Takuto

    TF2 Update

    Buff Engineer
  6. I will now be announcing that I will be joining Team JB.
  7. You haven’t even gotten close to finishing the first stairs you’ve made how can you make me another one from scratch
  8. I will join when those stairs get fixed