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  1. if the person is opening the door for Ts to go in then it’s teamkilling or assisting the enemy team since the person is helping the Ts get into armory so that they can kill CTs. If someone is constantly breaking server rules every time they are about to leave, tell them that it isn’t allowed and if they don’t listen and come back to do it all again then make a player complaint on it or call an admin and tell them about the situation If the person keeps conflicting orders then tell them to stop and inform them about it. For most people who are new to a server they will not read all (none) of the rules or keep up to date with them. They will most likely just learn as they go and wait till someone actually tells them what they are doing wrong. Something that shows up about conflicting orders can help but for the most part the community members and admins should be telling those players about it, since at times it can be misinterpreted or flat out ignored. If the player becomes a huge problem and ruining yours or other people’s experience on the server then ask an admin to get on or make a player complaint on them. People who are constantly conflicting orders by giving freedays and ignoring all the other CTs orders probably wouldn’t care if the rule was right infront of their face. They’re probably just trying to cause problems. As I said above, the prompt will probably help a small bit, but it all comes down to the people on the server whether it be an admin or member to tell the player or teach the player how to play or what the rules are, cause the rule can be still misinterpreted or ignored. Conflicting orders also have small snippets scattered around which can make it hard to understand completely.
  2. @Cody. God has accepted your request for a TTT autoban system
  3. Takuto

    elo hell

    These look like “problems” that most games have
  4. Use common sense, if someone is running at you in knifing distance and starts swinging his knife trying to kill you then it would be T baiting cause he’s attempting to kill you. But if someone is just knifing the air or walls, trying to run around you so you won’t get knifed, then there’s no problem with that. The 1 hit knife or not it’s still the same rules, you just can’t see if the person has a traitor weapon(golden knife) to confirm that the he’s a T
  5. I personally think that having it in the admin nom list would be okay but it shouldn’t be anywhere in the public nominations for players to select. The server shouldn’t be a laser practice server, not everyone likes to do lasers. Also, the laser maps at some point would get boring like all the other 100s of maps. It would be nice to have if a lot of players were down to play these laser maps but one or two players shouldn’t be able to just select these maps and practice on the server.
  6. TAKUTO. NOOOOOO. You’ll still play league with me?

  7. Later dude, btw dota > league

  8. Bye Bye Takito o7... Stay well!

  9. goodbye takito :usa2:

  10. It was a pleasure working with you my dude. Thanks for what ya did.

  11. It's been fun Fishy. Have a good one man.