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  2. We have discussed this and we ultimately decided that we will not be adding points to surf maps as they are different from regular ZE maps, which are the maps we want players to play. Surf maps typically become point farming maps due to the fact that there is a skill gap between players and surf maps tend to require less teamwork and coordination and more of personal skill. We will not be adding points to Surf maps but thanks for the suggestion.
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  4. We thought that the knockback/tagging was fine at first, but as we went through maps it became clear that for certain map holds the knockback of guns isn’t enough. Some examples would be Pokemon Adventure where you have to hold 3 different ramps at once or just yesterday with Halloween house with the chairs. So we will be looking more into it with the ZE team but for now expect a minor increase in knockback from guns also shotguns in ZM will most likely get nerfed
  5. @FanService If they were to be reset expect the old one to be archived. Also I agree, it feels like you’re dumping all of your past accomplishments and trophies into the dumpster which is why I am hesitant of doing it and want more feedback. @LargeAll hopefully I don’t get the long time regular player base too mad @Crawfish CRAWDADDY!!! As I said with the response above it will be archived if completions were to get reset. As of beating harder maps right now there is little to no chance that we would be able to beat maps like frostdrake or Santa. Even though that is the case, we will still be trying to train players including myself, so that we know how the maps work and then eventually get a team that can beat them. Also as shown with events and stuff we are leaning towards easier to learn but still engaging maps, I know quite a few of the players right now are new to ZE so we opt for these types of maps so that they can learn. With whether or not a map is complete it would have to go on a map by map bases but we’ve kind of talked a bit about it and hard maps will generally have a requirement of around 40-50 players actively playing for it to be considered a beaten map. We will still have check points to show some type of progression through the map even if it’s not completed. But I agree if there is too low amount of players playing then some maps should not be considered complete
  6. This thread is to gather thoughts from people about the possibility of resetting map completions. As of right now we’re keeping it but we’re open to the idea of just completely resetting it. With completions being reset we can try to rework the system. Somethings that I have in mind is requiring a screenshot and the date of completion and putting the two next to the map name on the forums. Also depending on the map, the higher player count map wins will knockout old, lower player count map wins. Quite a few people who I introduced this idea to supported it saying that it could be a fresh start and could get people more motivated to try old maps and try to beat them. Also map completions were mostly just from word of mouth or from people experiencing it themselves but now we can try to rework it so that there could be more solid proof of it happening. There was also an argument against resetting, being that map completions are something that ZE servers/players took pride in since some maps are just so hard to beat and it takes quite a bit of time when it comes to tough maps. Post down below on what you guys think we should do with the map completion list.
  7. We had some hiccups at the start where one of the maps just wouldn't let players join the server but after we switched maps everyone started to pile onto the server and all of us had a good time and shared good laughs with each other. Thank you everyone for joining the event, we hope to see you guys on the server or attending ZE events in the future. =)
  8. Hai Cute Panda

  9. ZE LOTR Event Welcome back to another ZE event this time we are bringing you guys a Lord Of The Rings event. We will be playing through 3 maps and we will be adding multiple models to the server related to the event for the humans and zombies. So, come join us this Saturday October 10th, see you guys then. When? Saturday, October 10th @ 6PM EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net Map List ze_lotr_helms_deep_v5_p6 ze_LOTR_Mines_of_Moria_p2 ze_lotr_mount_doom_p3
  10. Even though it didn't have the really high numbers im still really happy with the event everyone had fun in the event and we had a constant population for a really long time. Thank you to everyone who joined and people who lead the maps/rounds. We hope to see you guys on the server and future events =)
  11. Tried to find some lightsabers but sadly couldn’t find any but ones that were outdated
  12. Zombie Escape Community Meeting Date/Time: Saturday September 26th - 4:00pm EST Place: Discord - https://steam-gamers.net/discord There hasn't been a meeting in awhile and there has been massive changes over the past few days, which is why we want to hold a meeting to keep you guys up to date as to what's going on, what our future plans are, discuss current problems, and so on . If you guys have any questions that are not listed in the agenda, we will be holding a Q&A Agenda -Toxicity/Harrassment -ZE Admins -Maps / Events/ Models -Point System -Tagging -Discord -Future Plans/Goals -What do you guys want to see from us that wasn't necessarily done in the past -QNA/Open Floor If there's a topic that's not on this list that you want to bring up don't be afraid to suggest them. See you guys at the meeting =)
  13. Star Wars Zombie Escape Event Due to some issues within the Millennium Falcon this event was canceled, but we're back and rescheduling it for this Saturday, September 26th. So get your lightsabers and blasters and prepare to fight back against the zombies and explore the world of Star Wars When? Saturday, September 26th 6:00 PM ET, 3:00 PM PT, 5:00 CT Where? ze.steam-gamers.net Maps ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 ze_starwars_v2fix_csgo3 ze_star_wars_prequel_v1
  14. if the person is opening the door for Ts to go in then it’s teamkilling or assisting the enemy team since the person is helping the Ts get into armory so that they can kill CTs. If someone is constantly breaking server rules every time they are about to leave, tell them that it isn’t allowed and if they don’t listen and come back to do it all again then make a player complaint on it or call an admin and tell them about the situation If the person keeps conflicting orders then tell them to stop and inform them about it. For most people who are new to a server they will not read all (none) of the rules or keep up to date with them. They will most likely just learn as they go and wait till someone actually tells them what they are doing wrong. Something that shows up about conflicting orders can help but for the most part the community members and admins should be telling those players about it, since at times it can be misinterpreted or flat out ignored. If the player becomes a huge problem and ruining yours or other people’s experience on the server then ask an admin to get on or make a player complaint on them. People who are constantly conflicting orders by giving freedays and ignoring all the other CTs orders probably wouldn’t care if the rule was right infront of their face. They’re probably just trying to cause problems. As I said above, the prompt will probably help a small bit, but it all comes down to the people on the server whether it be an admin or member to tell the player or teach the player how to play or what the rules are, cause the rule can be still misinterpreted or ignored. Conflicting orders also have small snippets scattered around which can make it hard to understand completely.