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  1. its 7 god damn you need one too
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    Since Regular is your primary and elite supporter is your secondary, perms might be fucked over. Thanks scrolls c;
  3. Just because you can't read doesn't mean I have to fix anything, and for the additional sentences, i said what I said if they were needed to be removed then they would be but I haven't been told to or it hasn't been done for me so that stays, Thirdly, nothing was defensive and I'm not throwing accusations that you are being aggressive because you have been but apparently you can't even tell that. So then why complain if you don't even want to file a report, bug reports help give more insight on problems for that crashes or bugs and may help give a solution rather than just going off of a bare minimum of their logs and files that they have to read through. I mean just looking at a large player drop also does nothing cause it doesn't give any of them a possible reasoning for the crashing, and there is plenty of communication between admins / regs when a server crashes. The server doesn't crash from the same thing all the time there are different issues that arise all the time that are taken care of when they come up. And being lazy then complaining about it isn't reasonable and to say everyone knows about it when people barely know the plugins that are being used and for the most part barely know whats going on besides from them playing the game, whether regs and admins know about it or not, crash reports help log crashes into a time and help them find a pattern if something keeps crashing the server, you say you care but as soon as something takes time to do like player complaints or bug/crash reports you sit on your ass and just brush them off. Bug / crash reports can go hand in hand that's why for some servers they have them labeled as such, it doesn't really take much time to file a crash report you can just do it in your spare time while you are dead from a round, same thing w/ player complaints. It doesn't have to be down all at once and rush it, you can take your time with it and when you have spare time do which ever form you need to fill out w/ the require proof. For the last part I didn't really didn't think I needed to say this, another reason why the protocol is different from 2017 is because admins are administrators not investigators, hence why the whole change in the first place (I can kill 8 innocents as a detective and have a good reasoning @Trazz) its still he said she said + logs, which doesn't show what completely happened, not every killable action involves being damaged. Depending on how the admin decides to do their job can decide how long they want to take to ban someone, again not every instance requires an instant ban. Someone mass rdms can go into an instant kick (as it is a warning) if thats how they want to admin, some people go slay --> ban, some people try to give them more chances. The protocol in terms of things can be a warning ( Kick / Gag / Mute / Slay / etc. all with the reasoning) depending on how the admin wants to take it, it can go straight to a ban the second time or another warning, then after the second warning it goes to a ban if they still want to incite chaos on the servers. But if people are breaking different rules like someone is mic spamming and they get warned for that, but then the person freekills or rdms they have to warn again because thats a seperate thing and something completely different. Free-damaging and rdm / freekilling can go hand in hand that can go with normal procedures. Again its just depends on how they want to admin whether they are on the nicer side or the meaner side, for the most part everyone is on the nicer side, unless it needs to be the other way around. Even if there are various differences in how people admin and unless that style of admining is breaking the admin rules there is no problems with that. Crashes happen they get fixed as it goes on, sometimes you can't tell if something is going to be a problem until it becomes a problem. It's not the same reoccuring problem from 3 years ago that continues to be the problem, a lot of stuff has been changed and they barely use anything from 3 years ago. For Wavy why does it matter, its just a word stop using it as "they shouldn't be admins because they use mean words!" on a game that isn't related to SG servers. Anyways if these bad words were a good reason to punish someone more than half of this community would not exist. I'm just going to add their has been plenty of guides for really anything that the CA/AT team has worked very hard on. This one is for recording softwares on how to use and install them. The only thing people have to do to help someone install this, is help them sign up to the forums to get them more involved into the community and give them this thread. Kieran, Gentoo, Benzene and Kopsta all worked together to help make what they used the most because they were familiar with it, they put time in effort into this thread to help people that were having troubles understanding.
  4. Not all of my response is just going to be to this one quote, I'm just too lazy to quote all the rest. Lacking in terms of solutions doesn't help cause you bring up these problems but yet I can literally just say more admins to everything but technical issues. And yes some admins do go on to play, but they are going to enforce the rules when they see something happen, he said she said really does nothing for admins and just creates more problems. I don't know how admin drama relates to any of the TTT problems, and it wasn't kitied over people were permed ban for the doxxing, That shit isn't taken lightly nor will it ever be, you can always make player complaints by yourself if you see people rdming and you want to take the time to help, you know you could also be helping in getting people punished rather than just sitting there like maybe some admins do, but to say something needs change, possibly it does, but what? For all I've read the only rule-breaker solution is just admins stepping up which they generally do if they are on, they will take their time and they need to see a full interaction to even punish on TTT because just seeing someone get killed doesn't always provide a full story, whether you think it is a dumb rule or not its meant to help the admins so they don't go fuck themselves over because they listened to the wrong side, It's not going to be changed because the ATs of the server has tried to get it changed but it was shot down a few months ago. I think TTT has been generally going in the right direction, the admins do their job to the best that they can, tbh yeah some admins do want to come on just to chill, but if they see multiple reports of someone they are going to go and deal with it. Again if its that unbearable try to help with solutions, if the ATs are seeing its going in a wrong direction they do step in and make changes because they want to keep their servers alive and healthy. A lot of admins and higher ups are constantly in the talks about TTT and changes within it when I was CA, if they see something as a prominent issue it will be brought up and be taken care of. And to the warnings thing, if I saw someone rdm I can technically just start off with a kick, it depends on how that admin wants to go about using their power and what warnings they want to take care, everyone admins differently, its just different styles of how people want to admin, not everyone goes about it the same way, we kinda try to stay non-robotic and its not really current protocol that requires us to hold off from banning people but we generally don't want to ban people that could learn the rules and become regs, we want to give people chances whether they are new or not. Protocol is warn (which can be anything from a slay, mute, kick, gag), warn a second time if you deem necessary or go straight to ban depending on the severity. Not everything requires instant bans, you can't see when admins go in spectate because it puts them in stealth and makes them disappear from the server logs, so they can watch in peace and the person they are watching doesn't know they are watching them, and to someone who is unfamiliar with stealth it will seem like they are gone too... Dominic stepped down, and months later he decided to take a higher up position at another place and start his own server, after starting it him and his little buddy zayne decided to start causing a little bit of trouble here and there while they were advertising their new server on our own TTT Server, but he had no personal gain when he was BD putting in a bunch of work non of his work benefited him but the community so to say he's a decent example of "a problem with application system" is stupid Oh no an admin called you a name on another game such a tragedy! People are held accountable for what they say if it actually deems punishment whether admin or not, their rank does not matter when it comes to punishment. For the discord server, it's not like they couldn't just rebuild it and go about it in a peaceful way instead of you know Doxxing the staff, its a server that can be rebuilt whether or not you can get everyone back in it, that's another question but again to go so far as to doxx and start throwing names and shit talking the staff, yeah whole thing probably could have been avoided in the first place on two fronts. The BDs have the final say in anybody becoming admin but the community helps guide that judgement because the BDs can't take time and get to know everybody with such a huge community. Take Krumzie as an example, he got an overwhelming amount of support and barely any reapplies but because of how he acts towards people and his previous histories he was rejected because he isn't the right fit towards what they want as admins whether he knows the rules or not. Also if you wanted to because maybe you think you could do a better job as admin then some of these people, then apply, but from what I'm seeing from you, you would barely be able to handle half of it from what I've seen you complain about so far and from your responses to some of the people. Also to say some of these people didn't deserve their role when they put a ton of their effort into the community from what you can never see is beyond me, Dominic was a great higher up but he fell off after he stepped down, Poke was really good in conversations and helping test stuff and doing events and being involved and the community and getting feedback from them. These are just two i'm going to name just because I don't feel like going into every little detail, but what people do outside of the community or after they step down or leave does not define how they were as an admin, their actions on other places like that discord also doesn't define how they are as an admin and has no relevance to how they are on the servers. For interactions on TTT I see people always talking when I'm on, some admins don't have mics but to say they aren't participating in the community is just stupid because you don't need a mic to be involved, there is a reason for chat and the chat is mostly always going people are talking. Not all old regs have time to come on the server anymore people have lives where they have to move on, I'm in a group chat with a bunch of old TTT regs and everyone of them is too involved w/ life, had to sell their computer, etc. There is a point and time when people have to stop playing and just focus on the people around them or work/school. Some may manage to find time here and there to hop on but the majority may not have time. I mean you can always start interactions with people and maybe try to get a discord going try to help build friendships but sure maybe there is a lack of people talking, older players starting to fall off because they are getting older. School's starting again so servers pop start to go down more, people might be going to college with dorming, Summers coming to an end so to say rn "Oh the community is starting to fall and fall more" well yeah its inevitable not everyone has the time to be online now, even if it is online schooling they still have to prepare and get ready for those classes, maybe get ready to get back into a normal sleep schedule, getting ready to leave their homes for dorming, or even just preping for their online classes. For !calladmin in the main discord there is a section where it goes to, you may see that some people have a TTT-admin rank, this means whenever someone uses call admin they get pinged and notified that something is going on with the description you give, but not all people can hop on right away, you know people do have lives and are busy, the admins aren't glued to the keyboard and have their eyes forced open onto the screens. And for the TTT admins I know if they really wanted to stay undercover they could give one fuck if someone rdm'd them or not, but if they notice that person has been rdming they slay them not because of "a personal shield" because they can see what the fuck happened since they got killed by them.
  5. But who checks their email is the thing, practically no young person really, its still more or less paying attention to what you are getting into because in reality how many kids really check their emails at all or even a few times. I'm really gonna assume not at all unless they are using it for school. Maybe they use their parents and the parents do it for them but whats the chance of that
  6. Help them learn for the real world, because kinda what ZZL said here, people need to pay attention to what they are getting into, auto renewal is very common in subscriptions, kinda just gotta stay up with it and cancel it when you need to.
  7. Some people might rather have the auto renewal, it just depends on the person when they are buying to pay attention to what they are fucking getting, not that hard.
  8. Can't you just make it a one time payment w/ the amount of money that covers how many months they want to have it for. It's not the only option to make it renew. The only thing I'd really add to the Donations is a description of what you are getting if you are doing a single donation type of thing to also describe what you want
  9. I'd like to be a sub just in case im working
  10. Great to hear that everything is still doing alright, happy late 20th birthday Would be doing warzone if i didn't get a fat 5 frames while playing
  11. I'll hop in the second game EDIT: I'll sub just in case i can't make it
  12. goodbye michael