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  1. its 7 god damn you need one too
  2. I'd like to be a sub just in case im working
  3. I'll hop in the second game EDIT: I'll sub just in case i can't make it
  4. goodbye michael

  5. Day 2 is over which means the event is over, thanks to all who came out on both days.
  6. Bump! Day 2 of the event is in 30 minutes
  7. Day 1 is now over thanks to the people that came Day 2 is tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST make sure to pop out
  8. Bump! Event in 30 minutes
  9. Bump Day 1 of the event is at 8:00PM EST tonight!
  10. Thanks @crazedkangaroo for the amazing banner Minigames Deathrun Come and enjoy the two day deathrun event. We've decided to bring back an old gamemode, CS:GO Deathrun. Deathrun is similar to a course map except the traps are activated by players on the other team also known as "Deaths". The Runners try to complete the map avoiding the traps and trying not to die. Where? Minigames Server IP: mg.steam-gamers.net:27015 When? May 29th @ 8:00 PM EST May 30th @ 3:00 PM EST Maps: Day 1 deathrun_iceworld_v2fix_csgo deathrun_extreme deathrun_ramesses_revenge_csgo_v1 deathrun_bunker_a3 Day 2 deathrun_spy_vs_spy_zn6 deathrun_hot_desert_nf deathrun_family_guy_mgw5 deathrun_tyrone_mansion While you are here you might as well join our steam group!
  11. I think the fact that Dominic is not a sole option in the banner, its rigged. But nevertheless good event Strayyz