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  1. camp armory in razor one more time again and i will ban you!!!!!!

  2. Mikey.

    LR Rules

    No it can’t. Not from what I know. The CT just doesn’t have to listen to it
  3. Mikey.

    LR Rules

    Rules you can give for LR from what I remember is practically anything that is unreasonable for example for S4S “stand still I get first shot” you don’t have to listen do the stand still part cause it’s unreasonable and gives a clear advantage and win to T. Im pretty sure as long as one player doesn’t gain such a clear advantage like an easy win then it should be fine. If you don’t follow the reasonable rules it would be considered cheating LR and can warrant a slay
  4. @Trazz you are the bearer of bad news so you got this
  5. Mikey.

    Larger gang idea

    There is no “no” about it. If we are talking about events the larger gangs are always gonna win due to the more active people and more people to generate more points. It is pay to win and the events wouldn’t be fair. They aren’t guaranteed to win but they will still have a bigger advantage over everybody else So is it too low or is it enough and correct me if I’m wrong last time I used the gang thing there were a maximum of 10 people in a gang
  6. Disappear again please
  7. Mikey.

    Model Updates

    I almost did before. I regret not doing it
  8. Mikey.

    new sub

    That’s what the command is. @AfterPotwe are stupid
  9. It is very dumb cause it’s barely happens cause like Phoenix said they have silver aim and they are gonna miss and just kill the person!
  10. AWP. Feet. Doesn’t happen often when someone wants to risk it but it’s still able to happen
  11. Mikey.

    PSA: jb_clouds

    You can still give a freeday but sit in the same spots cause all people did was sit in the secrets or spots the Ts weren't allowed in the first placed, or they are just going to run to a specific part of the map like surf/climb and just sit there!