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  1. Mikey.

    Valorant Scrimz

    It's that time again! Valorant Scrims! This game has always been a personal favorite of mine but here we are with some scrims. This will be a 5v5 with overtime and its going to be the normal first to 13. Game times will vary from anywhere between 30 minutes to maybe over an hour. Each scrim observers or new people will swap in. When: Saturday July 2nd @ 1PM Where: Twitch.tv/steamgamers To join: You can add me (MikeyS#0000) and I'll add you back Maps will be decided through a ban phase after the teams are picked. There will be three games you can post which one you want to be in but as well if you want to be a captain for the team please state that as well! Game 1: Abom, touchy, rawmendz Game 2: Abom, touchy, rawmendz Game 3: Abom, Mikey, touchy, rawmendz MVPs: Now lets talk "MVP" after each scrim one MVP will be decided for the game and they will be awarded with a month of Elite Supporter. We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
  2. MC name is MikeyyySS Should be soon
  3. Haven’t touched it in months, + yuumi is only to meme, I don’t ever play it in support role cause I’m a troll @Takutodidnt you love camping top against a fucking rock cause I was a cat
  4. Y’all lucky I can’t go my yuumi go hard
  5. Probably would be based off of player count just cause having extra roles with low pop makes no sense. But each new role could be different based on how much it changes the game
  6. Yeah and two friends can argue to an extent if it gets to excessive 90% of the time it’s dealt with. Knowing your player base and knowing being too strict on them because they said a few things to a friend or someone who doesn’t care I’d be muting more than half the server for harassment. 90% of the time the person that initiates it is the person who wants their friend punished to laugh at. Honestly as admins we are suppose to look at both whos in the situation and the context and we can determine our actions from there. If we went fully “oh yeah we don’t give a fuck if you are regs going at eachother for a bit of fun. Fuck off!” That just ruins the server for some At least. That’s just my take on it idk about you but depending on the person and that “past experience” if they keep repeating it, doesn’t that make you think they haven’t changed at all? But unless you are talking about personal issues between players and admins, admins are told to keep non biased n if you think someone is being targeted cause of a past experience admin complaints are a thing we can use! Honestly I don’t think it’s creeping into the forums cant see how RDM to forums relates in anyway? This last part is probably the most confusing part to me at least. a lot of this is very vague, like mace said you could give some examples so it’s easier for people to understand what you mean. If you have a problem with how admins use their power. Admin complaint section + not all admins have the same style as we aren’t meant to be robots who stare at a screen everyone has their own style.
  7. ye. takes like not even a minute. prime account only is never gonna happen on base servers like TTT and JB, i know its been used on other servers before and as a trial run in general but it was terrible because id say a little over more than half of our pop is non prime users. Honestly whether people alt or not they are obvious about it because they always have the same shitty playstyle and have probably not even 1 brain cell left to where they always get caught and tbh the new account blocker could be good cause the only way i really see a new account coming on is when its most likely someones alt or rare occasion someone whos only played community servers
  8. 99% of the time its the CT that cheats the LR anyways, it seems like them shooting whether its a knife or anything cheats the LR, for it happening to Ts I never saw that, it just seems like dropping things + knifing things is cheating any LR even knife fights (Dab knows ab this almost killed a man twice cause it cheated the LR when he was doing the LR) because I am who I am if you read Scrolls first response instead of trying to instigate w/ someone who has 20 times the responsibilities as you, you would already have the answer which is Y E S because by current definition cheating is cheating which makes you kos by rule definition and like star said you don't have to be a dick and kill them. Don't need proof says someone cheated = straight death, whether its a bug or not it doesn't change the rules of them being kos. Anyways scrolls take longer fixing it
  9. Mikey.

    MG Deathrun!

    @Jacksonthe timing lol
  10. Mikey.

    Valorant Scrim 4!

    if i can get the day off i will