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  1. I honestly enjoy the new plugin and the new items that were brought in. It brought a much more variety to the server like Charlie said. Instead of buying m4a1s, kevlar, and 1 hit knife everytime with the old plugin. However I believe random tp might be op. 100 Credits for 2 random tp is op. Random tp is meant for a Escape Death Card should be brought to 1 time or increase the price greatly because 1 kill for 2 random tps is op. Increasing the price would mean the T would have to actually use their skills to work for the random tp. Now Detectives, killing a detective gives the T 100 credits. A detective is basically an inno with 20 more hp and variety of items which I don't think would make him worth 100 credits. If he's worth 100 credits he should be hard to kill not impossible btw. Or you can maybe lower it by 25 and make it 75 instead of 100. Still think DNA is a dooky. #GiveDetectivesM4A1s I have thought about this for a while now and I think the jihad needs a buff. You have a missle which is the same as a jihad but you can get a group kill and survive. Silent awps now you can't really tell if they are shooting at you which is a pain in the ass and you can just rdm them and say he shot at me which you can't really tell. I think Silent awp shouldn't be silent to the point you can't tell they are trying to kill you but should be similar to the usp-s or m4a1s where you can sort of know where its coming from. The last item I have a problem with is the m4a1s which is 175 credits. I believe it's more than a little to much. Yeah I enjoy the new plugin so what.
  2. Just wondering what the console command for radom tp is can you tell me?

  3. Congrats to Everyone
  4. Ram.

    TTT T Bait

    I have been on TTT for a while now and I think T baiting is getting a little out of hand. There will be people shooting people across the map but not near them or even close up and it's really hard to tell if the player is awful or trying to kill you. There will be people saying "i'm T" just for people can kos them and kill the people who kos'd him. There will be fucking retards doing it for jokes or just trying to abuse it and go around it. I think someone needed to make a forum post on it so I did. I believe it's prob one of the main reasons that cause rdm. People who see it in a good way I can't see it that way. If you shoot near someone they are going to think your trying to kill them. Your basically asking to be killed. Doing this just to get their reaction and if they are inno who's to blame? Clearly the one t baiting them. I honestly think T bait is retarded. And there are some people who even abuse it. I think something must be done remove it even if you must because I believe it shouldn't stay the same. Thank you for your time.
  5. Count me in buddy. 8o clock PM?
  6. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ibuypower-desktop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-1tb-hard-drive-240gb-solid-state-drive-gray-black/6180826.p?skuId=6180826
  7. Ram.

    New MG Models Poll!

    Can't see Venom but I would really like Saitama
  8. Logitech 502 Sens 2.5 800 dpi 1000 hz Planning to switch to Razer Deathadder
  9. Ram.

    I wanna get a new mic

    Zalman ZM-Mic1 Headphone Microphone
  10. Ram.


    Is this fixed yet cause I really like how it looks I don't really know why? Some servers it works and some servers it doesn't work. Will this ever get fixed? For example TTT I try everything I can default gloves, turning it on and off, putting a glove on and go back to default. I see other players with hidearms on TTT while I don't get it and prob other people.
  11. I totally disagree with adding this back because people might abuse it at first. There can be rdm cause you might think you're last, but your not. It would confuse other players around that rdm especially the new players. Which can also make it harder for admins having to deal with many things. The Ts already have to go through the pain in finding the Inno why make them suffer more by getting killed for claiming a room. I really think they should add where you can kos alive check. But even if that is back if someone does respond and someone doesn't you still don't spray down the first person you see so I am going to have to disagree with the idea.
  12. I have really never experienced this bug and im pretty active. But I did find this post and it might help im not really sure.
  13. I like the idea and agree that it is absolutely crazy. I would also like to see changes in that it might make peoples profile stand out. Be sure to make it organized and unique.
  14. Ram.


    I personally like /hidearms. There is also a bug where some I mean rarely people have gloves and only has default and does it doesn't work. Don't know if it's fixed or not.
  15. Ram.

    Avengers: Endgame

    I don't know man many things can clearly happen on how they save Tony and Nebula, but Captain America really isn't that surprising either he dies or someone else.